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hadar s's Ads
hadar sSeller

Ever wanted to send email with the same effectiveness as am sms campaign?

We can give you the ability to send to any email recipient with 80% inbox delivery rate rate.

If you have good email offers that can generate high conversation.
And the data to send it to.
We can run the promotion and get paid for the results. On weekly payment schedule.

hadar sSeller

we are selling 2014-2015 database in a single batch.

between 3 and 4 million lists. mix of geos.

price $5000.

will sell that to the first buyer, and no one else.

hadar sBuyer


i am looking for good affiliates that can work on cpl offers. no pre payment please. and not ppc or cpm payments.

hadar sSeller

i have millions of true callers validated leads, from most countries.
PM me if you are interested

hadar sBuyer

we have new smart links to monetize any type of segmentation traffic - adult, dating, apps, mobile web, desktop and more.

postback pixel integration available.

payments via paypal or wire.

hadar sSeller

we promote the following page on Google adwords -

only english speaking, from europe, sg, my, id, au, nz, ca, ze.

only offers of $25 CPL and above on pre payment will be considered. pre payment. and it is considered against other offers. in relation to the daily/monthly inventory.

hadar sSeller

Cheap RON traffic, a Ms of impressions.

I am private media buyer and I can sell millions of RON impressions from lower quality traffic sources.

the deal is for an adnetwork or similar buyer that wants to add millions of impressions (not bots) with direct link. and pay at least $0.3 CPM.
starting must be pre payment. and then turn into weekly.

hadar sSeller

only on pre payment and CPL basis or flat fee.

a lot of US based opt-in leads. and other geos as well.

daily leads which are segmented via keywords

hadar sSeller

i am a media buyer and i buy millions of POP traffic on a RON. from various platforms.

i got to a point that i have A LOT of media for $0.5 CPM.

I also can work with banner tags.

i am looking for a network or advertiser who wants to buy the traffic on CPM basis. please don't suggest rev share or other payment modules

hadar sSeller

we have fresh opt-in data from various subscriptions on multiple websites and platforms. being added daily. can be filtered by keywords for segmentation.

hadar sSeller

we do live targeted media. only on CPL and only pre payment.

hadar sSeller

$0.25 for forex leads - we have huge data from 2016-2017 many geos.


hadar sSeller

we have plenty of leads to sell from 2015 - 2017 from all geos.

also -

email database
phone numbers database

hadar sSeller

forex/crypto leads.

consumer leads

hadar sSeller

we run large scale media campaigns.
decent CPL prices.

only pre payment.

hadar sSeller

we work to generate leads from any vertical.

quantity can be HUGE on a daily basis.

working only on pre payment

hadar sBuyer

amazing conversion, with dynamic link that optimising the geos and offers.

only CPA or revenue share.

hadar sSeller

i am a certified adwords marketer. looking for anyone who would like to promote his/hers website or brand via adwords