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Powerful igqirha/ukuthakatha/ixhwele
POWERFUL/ IGQIRHA UKUTHAKATHA/IXHWELE,acknowledged within their communities as possessing special insight, intuition knowledge and skills to connect and converse with the universe better than an ordinary person. African religions are endowed with a wide variety of traditional healers and healing practices, using diverse healing practices, symbolism and interpretations relevant to the contextual setting of their cultures. Rooted in that diversified rich ecological heritage of the indigenous religions, are unique personal spiritual journeys that depict individual phenomeno .logical
and existential ways of constructing meaningful special spiritual healing identities.
an inborn gift from ancestors. The spiritual journey is abundantly infested by crisis and requires resilience.

faith. I give my personal phen

Job Offer

Powerful Nyanga Traditional healers were first professionalized in Zimbabwe at the country’s independence in 1980 through the establishment of an organization of traditional healers called Zimbabwe National Traditional Healers Association (ZINATHA). The urgency in securing the independence of traditional healing from the oppressive and negative perception it had got from the colonial government shows the importance of traditional medicine and healing in the lives of the people of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe has also been hit by a flood of herbal medicine that originates from countries such as China, Tanzania and India. This has seen the proliferation of herbal medicine in the country. This paper is based on empirical research in Zimbabwe and will seek to explore how traditional medicine For more visits

analysis the paper will examine traditional medicine and how it has interacted with the mo


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