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Vlada Chaus's Ads
Vlada ChausSeller

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Push notifications / In page push / Native / Popunder ad formats.

Top verticals:
Fake system message
Push subscription

Top GEOs for the latest month:

Push: JP, BR, IN, US, TH, RU, UK, DE, IT, ID, KR, CA, MX, CO, TR.

Inpage: US, IN, TH, BR, DE, FR, UK, AU, CA, IT, VN, ZA, PH, MY, MX.

Popunder: JP, VN, US, IN, BR, UK, DE, UA, TR, TH, FR, BD, BG, ID, AT.

Native: ID, US, IN, TH, CN, SE, DE, NL, RU, TR, CH, BE, IT, FR, ES.

ping me on Skype - live:.cid.1fe8e68e8dde6060
telegam - @traffic_for_you