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Mike Ellman's Ads
Mike EllmanBuyer

TELEMEDICINE VIDEO DOCTOR VISITS GROWS 3300% FROM 2015 UNTIL NOW. THIS IS A GREAT DRTV, ONLINE, MOBILE, CALL CENTER & SOCIAL MEDIA CPA-CPO MARKETING OPPORTUNITY! TV advertised 24/7/365 Doctor by Phone & Video Telemedicine Plan is seeking CPO/CPA/Pay Per Sale performance-based traffic via:
- Social Media
- Online/Mobile Display & Search
- Email

Prompt Weekly Payouts!

View our national DRTV spot at plus review all plan details and consumer benefits.

Email for details

Mike EllmanBuyer

Looking for IRS Tax Debt warm transfers, 90-second buffer, national.

Also CC & Unsecured Debt, no requirement to be late/delinquent but have total $25,000 debt; 120-second buffer

Also Small Business Loans, 20+ states, 2-tier payout for Under $15,000 monthly revenue for the business, and Over $15,000.

Ready to start immediately. Weekly payouts every Monday for prior M-F, and possible partial prepay.

Email Mike at for details. Skype is: michaelellman515

Mike EllmanBuyer PPCall Network has 50+ current campaigns that will accept calls from online, offline including call transfers.

Insurance, Rehab, Home Warranty, and other verticals.

Apply as a Publisher at

Mike EllmanSeller

TV Pay Per Call Inbound Consumer Initiated Calls available for:
- Auto Insurance
- Health Insurance
- Life Insurance
- Addiction Rehab

100 Call minimum Test. Excellent pricing.

Contact Mike at for details

Mike EllmanSeller

Digital Odeon has traffic for ADDICTION REHAB campaigns. TV, Paid Search, Print, Radio & Live Call Transfers that we have available from our highly qualified Publishers. Durations from 3-minutes to 1-second. Something for every facility. We work with clients to find solutions & opportunities.

Contact Mike at for details on pricing, buffer, call center script (which can be customized for each client).

Mike EllmanSeller is offering Buyers high quality calls from numerous media channels including TV, live transfers, Search, Display, Email and Print in the following verticals:
- Auto Warranty
- Health Insurance Under 65
- Medicare Supplement
- Medicare Advantage
- Solar
- DME -- Knee & Back Brace
- Credit Card Debt Settlement

Minimum 100 Call Test, Prepaid

Email with your needs. We have numerous options.

Mike EllmanSeller

We are seeking MCA campaigns for the live transfers we have available from our Publishers.

Prefer all 50 US states. USA -only csmpaign

Contact Mime at for details on pricing, buffer, days/hours.

Mike EllmanBuyer Seeks CPA Traffic -- US-Only
Looking for high quality, strong volume CPA traffic for identity theft protection campaign. Under $1.00/Day with upsell opportunity to Annual Plan. Members receive FREE Roadside Assistance Plan, Legal Plan, Online Banking & Shopping Security Plan + Monthly $25 Certificates. Payout is $30 for Monthly; $70 for upsell to Annual Plan. Traffic from all channels except rewards, incentivized mobile apps & co-reg. Email for full details.

Mike EllmanBuyer

TELEMEDICINE GROWS 2000% IN PAST 3 YEARS! INBOUND CALLS NEEDED FOR OUR CENTER TV advertised 24/7/365 Doctor by Phone & Video Telemedicine Plan is seeking Pay Per Sale (CPA)performance-based via:
- TV
- Radio
- Social Media
- Email
- Print
- Credit Card Statement & Package Inserts
- Online/Mobile Video
- Display
- Search
- Call Center Direct Sales or Transfers to MedProtectOne Center


View for all plan details and consumer benefits.

Email for details

Mike EllmanBuyer

Looking for affiliates and affiliate networks that have CPA credit card submit traffic, US-only, for and Both are DRTV advertised, and have creative assets including video. Substantial audience segments for each. Contact Mike at We are a direct advertiser, and own these programs. WE have been in the continuity plan marketing business since the 1970s.

Mike EllmanBuyer ID theft protection plan is looking for action-oriented affiliates to deliver CPA traffic.

This is a credit card submit for enrollment in a monthly plan that includes FREE Roadside Assistance Plan, Legal Plan, Guard Street Privacy Pro Online Shopping & Banking security Plan + BONUS $25 Certificate every month member is active.

This is a TV-advertised program. See:

Contact for full details. Skype: michaelellman515

Mike EllmanBuyer

Looking to buy CPA traffic, US-only, for (see this landing page). It's a 24/7 Doctor By Phone & Internet + BONUS Guard Street Online Security Plan worth $120/year. Plan is $29.95/month for entire family. CPA $30 valid credit card enrollment via our CRM.

Contact Mike at or Skype michaelellman515 for more information.

Mike EllmanBuyer

Looking for CPA traffic for & from online, mobile, email & social media. We have creative assets including video. Contact Mike at for details