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Eric Sinton's Ads
Eric SintonBuyer

We are buying POPs, primarily Full Page popunders. Simply sign up as a Console Publisher (accepting Ad Tags) and begin earning immediately. - EMAIL
eric.adequant - SKYPE

Eric SintonSeller

Hello All,

I am looking for all POP opportunities, either on the buy or sell sides to join Adequant's Ad Exchange immediately. Let's get started!

US, CA and UK GEOs
All quality buckets (Low/High/Excellent)
CPM only
All Verticals
Pop-Over, Pop-Under

Feel free to email me ( or reach me on Skype (eric.adequant). I am available anytime after 9am EST.

Eric Sinton

Eric SintonSeller

Let's sync! Immediate integration for both buyers and sellers on Adequant's Ad Exchange.

1) Programmatic (RTB)

2) Console (ad Tags)

Email me or get in touch via Skype eric.adequant

Eric SintonBuyer

Hello All,

Are you using header bidding to monetize your site? I would like to propose our prebid.js Tag and/or our full enterprise solution to help make you more revenue. Very simple!

Adequant is fully integrated into prebid.js as a plugin and also able to function in any header bidding configuration immediately.

Let's connect via email ( or by Skype (eric.adequant) to discuss furthermore.

Eric Sinton

Eric SintonBuyer

Publisher must be able to do the following:

1) Become a Publisher with Adequant
2) Provide Site URL to where traffic is coming from (either O&O or Managed) as Adequant is 100% transparent
3) Either integrate Video ad Tags into these same sites or sell Adequant traffic via RTB

Pass backs & Floor bid prices can be set as well.

Contact to get started ASAP!


Eric SintonSeller

Primarily looking for static, specific campaigns by direct advertisers.

**Must sign up on Adequant as Advertiser, both Programmatic/RTB and Console/Ad Tag options available to fit your needs

**Organic, Premium traffic available. Suited for CPI/CPA/CPL via a CPM bid.

No DYNAMIC ads/advertisers at this time... or eric.adequant (Skype)

Eric SintonBuyer

Adequant Ad Exchange -

Contact me or by Skype (eric.adequant)


Eric SintonBuyer

Small, medium and large video player traffic on a CPM is wanted.

All Categories
US traffic
$2/$3/$4 CPM payouts

SKYPE: eric.adequant

Eric SintonSeller

Both desktop and mobile traffic available (all verticals) from premium ranked sites (Alexa ranked under 5k) and plenty of other sites...

2 options to sync with Adequant:

1) Programmatic/RTB
2) Console (ad tag partnership)

Pre-Pay is a must!
100% transparent Ad Exchange
No daily minimum budgets
No minimum CPM bid prices
White/Black list URL options

Contact me by email or by skype to learn more about our 20% bonus on all pre-pay first time deposits.

Eric SintonBuyer

Simply a Buyer looking for mobile web traffic for specific GEOs. Paying on a CPM basis. Seller needs to be able to provide a Site List for mobile as well. Very simple. Plenty, plenty of budget.

Contact by email:

Contact by skype: eric.adequant

Eric SintonSeller

Looking for Buyers to join the Adequant Ad Exchange with no barrier of entry. We are providing Advertisers with 100% transparency while asking for no long-term commitments and having no minimum daily budget requirements, simply just a realistic option for those who are looking to buy smart priced traffic.

Feel free to take a look at or reach out to me directly.

SKYPE: eric.adequant