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Daniel Segev's Ads
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Hey all,

I'm looking for native traffic. If you have anything to offer me please ping me at Skype: daniel.anyoption.


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Looking for content advertising platforms and video traffic.

Ping me: daniel.anyoption.

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Hey all.

I'm looking for traffic in India. For binary options offers.

Ping me on Skype: daniel.anyoption

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I'm looking for video traffic. Please ping me if you have something: daniel.anyoption.


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Hello all,

I'm looking for CPL/CPA traffic for binaries. Good rates, best offers.

Contact me on Skype: daniel.anyoption.


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CPA traffic needed for binary options exclusive offers.

Ping me on Skype: daniel.anyoption.

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I'm looking to run traffic in CPA models. Mainly for tier 1.

If you have something interesting, please ping me on Skype: daniel.anyoption.

Thanks in advance,