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Shlomi Teory's Ads
Shlomi TeorySeller

If you a direct advertiser, I got great traffic for you!

Looking for direct advertisers ONLY for E-commerce, games, Nutra and VOD.
I got great traffic for you!

Please add me on Skype: shlomi-mymedia

Shlomi TeoryBuyer

We are looking for direct publisher with big streaming sites in the US with OS Macintosh traffic. let's cut the middle man :)
Willing to pay properly for direct traffic in the following verticals:

Streaming (sport, movies, Tv etc..)
mp3 converters

Not mobile or Video, desktop only please.

Shlomi TeoryBuyer

Hi all,
We are a well familiar company on the downloads field.
Looking to buy traffic for our mac installer for the following targeting:

Device: Macintosh
Geo: US
Desktop only!

High rates guaranteed!!
Skype: shlomi-mymedia