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Beatrice Grace Boldo's Ads
Beatrice Grace BoldoBuyer

Hi guys,

We're currently looking for direct inventory in the US for our exclusive top converting campaigns on a CPL/CPA basis.

We give out WEEKLY payment terms for TOP PERFORMING PUBLISHERS ONLY.


Beatrice Grace BoldoSeller

We have our internal list of about 400K email subscribers, 30% of which are buyers. Since we'll be running on huge volumes we DO NOT accept Net30 terms. Prepayment campaigns will be prioritized, however we can work on daily/weekly payment terms.

Has to be DIRECT, not rebrokered. We don't work on rebrokered campaigns.

Shoot me an email:
Or message on Skype: bea.adcrimson.


Beatrice Grace BoldoBuyer

Hi Guys,

I am currently looking for CPA traffic for our EXCLUSIVE Health and Beauty campaign in Thailand. Do you have the right traffic? *Mobile Optimized campaign*

Let's talk and schedule a call :)

Email -
Skype - bea.adcrimson

Beatrice Grace BoldoBuyer

We are buying traffic on CPA Basis for our Mobile Subscription campaigns. If you have quality traffic, kindly follow up with me on the below info:
bea.adcrimson (Skype) (Email)