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Orr Yoffe's Ads
Orr YoffeSeller

Google WH traffic (Search only) for brokers:

- Stocks
- General Investments
- Forex
- Commodities

Available in 11 languages over 40+ geos.

Hit me on Skype for details: orr.yoffe1#affiliatemarketing #leadgen

Orr YoffeBuyer



Looking for Italian (that's from Italy if you ain't sure) Forex/Crypto/MakeMoney Traffic for our own funnels. Up to $750 CPA.

- Tracking: S2S (Postback) Pixels only, using our landing pages.
- Payment Terms: NET15 (Don't bother asking for prepayment, won't happen).
- Min. accepted CR - 10.00%

(Also accepting new brokers if we find it suitable).

PM me for details.

Orr YoffeSeller

DE / AT / GB / SE / NO / NL / ZA / ES / LATAM / AU / NZ / IT / MY / PL / RU + Some more

PPC Google traffic (whitehat) => Stocks Trading Funnels => API.

Skype: orr.yoffe1

Orr YoffeSeller

400M+ Monthly search queries available for Yahoo/Bing search feed monetization tools from our unique EXT inventory!

Join the party!
Traffic is available on CPC / CPM models. | orr.yoffe1

Orr YoffeSeller

es-ES and es-LATAM databases available. MM / Forex / Crypto suits best.

Generating 50-80k new leads every month. Over 1M in stock.

Prices of $0.2-$2 varies by different data parameters.

Hit me on Skype for details: orr.yoffe1

Orr YoffeSeller


We have over 2M records of financial-oriented leads in LATAM (spanish, no BR) and growing.

Looking for the right call center to work on our data and make us some commissions (CPA, CPL, whatever as long as we're paid).

I'm on Skype: orr.yoffe1

DO NOT ask for free samples. Will not happen.

Orr YoffeSeller

3.6M Own generated (eg. no one have it besides my SQL server) during 2017 up for sale.

No free tests

Skype: orr.yoffe1

Orr YoffeSeller

- Must accept at least 6 languages and 40+ countries.
- Must have proper tracking platform

No Networks, only direct Casino brands!

Hit me on Skype: orr.yoffe1

Orr YoffeSeller

RU / LATAM - Forex Live Leads (2-3$ per lead). Huge volumes available.

Min order: 2000 leads.

Can run on my branded landing pages (with broker's logo / name + 61 languages support) or yours.

Hit me on Skype: orr.yoffe1

Orr YoffeSeller

Over 65,000 unique & live user registrations a month.

Hit me on Skype:

Don't be from India or China. If you are - Don't hit me on Skype.

Orr YoffeBuyer

NET30 Payment Terms.

Cool funnel that loads on user's browser language.

0.5$ CPL for LIVE traffic (no cold lists).

Don't contact me if you're from India and planning to waste my time.

Hit me on Skype: orr.yoffe1

Orr YoffeSeller


Offering global desktop internal traffic (Email Marketing & RTB) on CPM or CPL basis.

* Not accepting Tech-Support offers / Page Redirects / Anything "dirty"

** I require prepayments. Don't waste my time please :)

Minimum campaign budget is $3,000

For more details:
Skype: orr.yoffe1