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Alyona Media Sales's Ads
Alyona Media SalesSeller

Just ping me if you are looking for hot finance, crypto, binary, forex traffic on CPL basis.
List of targeting options included!

Feel free to discuss:
skype - alyonasales;
@ -

Alyona Media SalesSeller

Hello Colleagues,

Feel free to send us your VAS offers - we are ready to provide the traffic, non-incent, display, targetted and quality.
All markets are welcome, especially if your offers are your own.

Let's discuss - alyonasales (skype).

Alyona Media SalesSeller

Hello Guys,

Let's convert with your Credit Card offers, we are looking for win campaigns in Tier 1 and Scandi.

Please add me on Skype to discuss: alyonasales.

We have Coreg traffic, SMS, email, display etc.

Alyona Media SalesSeller

You want organic media or relevant PPC traffic from Google AdWords, but don't know the whole flow how to do this?

Adavice is here to help.
Traffic directly from Google, media as well as search engine.

Let's discuss:
@ - alyonasales;
email -

Alyona Media SalesSeller

SMS traffic for Casino offers
Hello Guys!

Let's discuss who we can attract more users to your online casino/betting/poker/lotto site.

Targeting options are included:
OS, carrier targeting;
personal approaching;
age targeting;
time targeting;
gender targetting;

Feel free to add me on skype - alyonasales.

Regards, Alyona.