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Dmitriy Nakyden's Ads
Dmitriy NakydenBuyer

Hey guys!
Is here someone who can push direct NAMSHI offers(Android, iOS)with high rates and huge budgets?!

Please drop me a message on my e-mail

Dmitriy NakydenBuyer

Hi friends!
Is here someone who can pass IDFA/GAID and push direct NOON offers with high rates and huge budgets?!

Please drop me a message on my e-mail

Dmitriy NakydenBuyer

Calling to direct dating affiliates/networks with direct dating traffic.

Amazing dating offers with high payouts are waiting for you at EternalMobi.
Don`t waste your time and monetize your dating traffic with us.

Sign up and start getting your earnings!

Skype ID: dmitriy_nakyden

Dmitriy NakydenBuyer

Looking for direct CPI traffic on the following DIRECT offers:
DFNDR Security: US - $1.1, BR - $0.35
Lineage 2: KR - $2.8
Sangoku Blaze: JP - $5
Genryo Story: JP - $4
Logres: JP - $4
eToro: FR - $3
Billionaire Casino: US -$2-2.5
Huuuge Casino: TIER1 - $2-3.5
WEST noon: $2.1
Agoda: KR, TW, MO - $1.7
Crusader Quest: KR - $2.2

Ping me on skype dmitriy_nakyden.
Needed only HQ traffic sources!

Dmitriy NakydenBuyer

His guys,
I'm in search of HQ mobile traffic on DIRECT mobile games and utilities with HUGE BUDGETS.

I need sources only with high post-install performance on such apps:
Lineage 2
Huge Casino
Billionaire Casino
Double Downn
House of Fun

Please don't hesitate to ping me on skype dmitriy_nakyden to get best payouts from direct advertisers.
Best support and payment terms are guaranteed!

Dmitriy NakydenBuyer

Lineage 2, Agoda, Crusader Quest with really HIGH payouts are waiting for you on our dashboard!

Also we have some direct CN, JP offers, so don't hesitate to ping me.
Skype: dmitriy_nakyden

PS Only traffic heroes are needed!

Dmitriy NakydenBuyer

Looking for HQ CPL traffic on DIRECT Sweepstakes, Vouchers, Surveys offers with really high rates!

TIER1 countries, high CR!

Ping me on skype dmitriy_nakyden, I'll help to set up campaigns and push the offers.

Dmitriy NakydenBuyer

Eternalmobi is looking for HQ traffic sources on BEAUTY / NUTRA offers with really high payouts.

We provide best landings and support, so please add me in skype dmitriy_nakyden to discuss our partnership.

Dmitriy NakydenBuyer

We're Eternalmobi and looking for publishers and affiliates with direct and non-direct traffic for CPI mobile offers.

We can monetize traffic from any GEO, OS and vertical.

API and s2s integration are able.

Let's make some money before holidays! :)

SKYPE ID: dmitriy_nakyden