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sankar chinchinada's Ads
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I'm looking for HQ - Survey traffic for the listed marketed. Kindly ping on Skype: Sankarch206.

Looking forward to your partnership

Thanking you!

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Looking for direct publishers/Affiliates with desktop traffic.

Target Audience: GEN POP

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“The Perceptions Group is the leader in providing media and technology executives with the research-based customer insight and guidance necessary for strengthening brands, improving customer satisfaction and increasing sales. We specialize in determining, analyzing and communicating what customers think – their plans, opinions, and motivations.

Our proprietary panels of media and technology decision makers are among the largest in the world. The proven customer survey and questionnaire development method we employ ensure an optimal response. Focus and industry expertise enables us to effectively analyze and accurately interpret the research that we conduct on behalf of our clients who represent many of the world’s largest media and technology companies.”

ping me on skype : sankarch206

sankar chinchinadaBuyer

i am looking out for quality web/Mobile traffic.
contact me or ping me at skype id: sankarch206.