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Strengthening Customer Service & Support with chatbots

Tech and innovation have brought a wave of advancements in communication systems. But how have CRM and chatbots bolstered customer service and support? Customer support is at the forefront. Customers need easy-to-understand and hassle-free support while installing, maintaining, upgrading, training, and disposing of a product. It’s an act of sustaining customer relationships & strengthening customer service chatbots & CRM. Retaining customers is a long-term benefit that completes a full circle for your business.

While data management and analytics aid in data-driven marketing, it’s crucial to use them effectively in maintaining good customer connections. So, how do CRM and chatbots come in handy in giving an enriching customer experience?


Martech Interview with Brett Beveridge on omnichannel retail

Brett Beveridge, Founder & CEO of T-ROC, talks about how T-ROC combines the power of people and technology solutions in an Martech Interview on omnichannel retail to optimize its customers’ omnichannel retail shopping experience. Innovation and creativity are probably our most highly prized attributes and every “T-ROCer” is encouraged to dive into problems, big or small, and find ways to solve them.

Decisions don’t come down from the top; team members are encouraged to use their own sound judgement and make decisions according to their own knowledge and understanding of how the company would react. As a serial entrepreneur, you’re always faced with the frightening statistic that 99 percent of new businesses fail.


Schema Markup SEO for Creating Website Structured Data

Structured data ensures your site is visible in the places that really matter to today’s customers. This enables you to make sites more search engine friendly, and more visible that it improves customer experience as a result. How is it important in giving an edge to your business? Whether it’s loyalty schemes or a flexible workforce, businesses are always considering the next big idea. One strategy that’s proving increasingly useful is schema markup SEO for website structured data. Read on to learn how structured data can work for you and your business.

Defining Structured Data - Structured data, or schema markup, refers to a type of code added to a site’s web pages.


Ways to improve & Automate customer experience

Customers want you to have an open conversation when they interact with your brand. Personalizing your communications helps in engaging your customers while giving them a personal touch. All companies communicate with their customers in recent & top ways to improve customer experience as competition grows. It is also crucial to identify their difficulties in advance so you can solve them and create a seamless CX.

Provide a personalized experience - Personalization is essential to provide a great customer experience. A tailored experience will significantly influence your revenue since the more customized your service is, the more likely it is to convert customers. When your customers contact your brand, they want to feel valued. Customers may not remember what you did, but they will never forget their experience with you.


What Uber Explore Means For Business Online Reputation

This blog dives deeper into what Uber Explore is, how it works, and what this means for your multi-location business’s localized marketing strategy. Uber Explore relies heavily on content from Yelp, further emphasizing the need for your multi-location business to level up its local search efforts. If you haven’t heard the news, Uber announced the launch of Uber Explore For business's online reputation, a local search tool within the ridesharing app that allows consumers to search and book “experiences” like restaurant reservations and live events.

The Importance of Online Reputation Management - If a rider is leveraging Uber Explore and sees two Italian restaurants in their area, one with 3.6 stars and no pictures, and the other with 4.2 stars and pictures, which do you think they will choose?


Importance of Privacy-First Principles to CX Innovation

Tealium and Meta’s report highlights the critical role of digital leaders in steering their organizational ship amid the tides of the marketplace change. The global digital economy is undergoing a seismic shift as consumer expectations heighten around data privacy-first principles to CX Innovation and security. As the third-party cookie crumbles, investment in privacy-enabling data management tools will pay dividends in delivering differentiated and personalised customer experiences. In the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, the acceleration of changes in the data privacy landscape has led to greater consumer awareness of data privacy rights.


Retailer’s Guide to Customer Data Platform

Technology presents a pool of opportunities for retailers. Meanwhile, new data management platforms and tools are developing to support business methods and practices. With increasing competition and smart consumers, what do retail businesses need to know about CDPs? Modern consumers are more informed and demanding. Guide to Customer Data Platform (CDPs) are one such absolute necessity in the retail domain. But technological advancements are being used front and center for attracting modern-day consumers.

A hybrid set of problems are unfolding as retailers embrace CDPs for a better customer experience. Customer data platforms provide a business-friendly interface for the same. Concerns such as insufficient data, data readability of available information, and lack of data experts are some of the retailers’ pain points. If you are facing similar challenges, this is the article you need.


5 Questions to Ask if your Website Traffic is Declining

Steve Ohanians highlights the five questions to ask if your website traffic is declining or if you notice a change in your website’s metrics and take a proactive approach to website management. But what if you notice a swift decline in traffic to your website? They look to your website for a take on your brand, insights about your products and services, and how to take the next steps. Decreased website traffic and higher bounce rates put marketers in crisis mode. If fewer visitors are making it to your website, here are five questions to help identify the problems.

Is there a tech problem preventing visitors from reaching the site? Look at your website’s analytics to determine if there’s a pattern in visitor behavior. One of the most common causes of a steep decline in website traffic is a tech issue impacting your site’s operations.


Top Affiliate Marketing Strategies 2022

Affiliate marketing turbocharges your performance marketing initiatives. But most affiliates fail to get it right. You get increased sales, and the affiliates get a commission on each sale they make for you. Here’s what to do! Affiliate marketing strategies 2022 is having a third-party promote your business and sharing your profit with them. You need to build a robust strategy and an execution plan to make it a real success. This blog post will show you how! Though it sounds pretty simple, affiliate marketing won’t be successful only by slamming a few affiliate links on your site.

This advertising model is sophisticated - helping the advertiser attribute a sale to the right person. Partner with businesses that offer quality products in your niche and then educate, entertain & engage your audience.


Martech Interview with Ronn Torossian on Crisis Communications

Ronn Torossian is a leading expert on crisis communications and he shares his strategic and resourceful approach to marketing and PR in an Martech interview on crisis communications. Technology’s continuous advancement allows PR professionals to not only venture into new industries that have simply never existed but also utilize these technologies to support new and exciting campaigns across existing industries.

We’re also using data we can source on different channels of communication, traditional or social media, to decide what tools we will be using for our communications. Top Crisis Communications Professional by Business Insider, and a recipient of Crain’s New York 2021 Most Notable in Marketing & PR. The PR and Communications industry is discovering podcasts in this new age.


Advocacy Marketing For Podcasts Marketing

Podcasts aren’t a fad anymore. Brands are launching their podcasts focused on solving prospects’ problems. But how does advocacy marketing for podcasts marketing boost podcast reach? In the early 1980s, podcasts were famously known as ‘audio blogs’. That’s when podcasts gained popularity amongst the millennials and Gen Z. Podcast listeners have grown exponentially since 2004. Podcasts are an educational tool to learn directly from experts. Let’s dig into steps of understanding podcasting and see how can you reach millions with advocacy marketing-

Podcast as a Thought leadership feature - Podcasts are a game-changer. They are variably less time-consuming and economical. Podcast listeners are social people. They share their views, snippets of interesting subjects, and more on their social platforms.


How to Determine the Right CDP for Companies

You know a customer data platform (CDP) can help but with all the options available, how do you determine which one is right for your company? It’s time to get a better handle on your customer data and create that 360-degree view of the customer that will help you improve experiences across the customer lifecycle. You know a customer data platform (CDP) can help but with all the options available, How to determine the right CDP for Companies?

We’re Awash With CDP Options - The marketing technology landscape and the CDP industry, in particular, are growing like dandelions in summer. Companies have never had more options in selecting the right CDP technology to support their requirements. That’s an increase of 24 percent over the last two years and a whopping 5,233 percent over the last ten years.


Artificial Intelligence for Marketing Success

AI is shaping marketing, irrevocably so. Isn’t it time humans leave robotic work to robots and spend more time doing what they do better than machines? Artificial Intelligence can beef up marketing capabilities. More and more marketing leaders are implementing AI technologies to take their game to the next level. The use cases of artificial intelligence marketing - AI marketing are diverse- from online advertising to finding patterns in the customer journey- Artificial intelligence can enhance marketing at all levels. With the immense potential that AI brings to the marketing world, it’s time to learn how you can harness the power of AI marketing!

Marketing AI - Marketing AI is of two types- independent and integrated AI. The independent AI takes a narrow approach to perform tasks, whereas the integrated AI is broad and part of something bigger than itself.


Partner Portals - Creating Marketing Space for Your Business

An engaging partner portal allows suppliers to build strong partnerships that offer numerous benefits. More and more companies use partner portals - creating marketing space to help achieve growth and increase revenue. Partner portals are a powerful tool that helps to build strong connections between companies and other companies with whom they share a working partnership. If you want to increase your marketing performance and that of your partners, a partner portal is invaluable. They also provide a bridge with partners to help them do the same as part of an effective partner relationship management (PRM) strategy.

What Is a Partner Portal? - In simple terms, it’s a private, cloud-based site that provides a single point that partner companies can use to connect, communicate, and engage with a central business.


Benefits Of Social Media Marketing

When consumers want to learn more about a company or product, they turn to social media since that’s where they will find others discussing it. In an extremely competitive market, your company cannot afford to ignore social media because of the following benefits of social media marketing.

Cost-Effective - Many social networking services are absolutely free. When compared to other advertising platforms, the expense of running a paid campaign to boost your content is relatively inexpensive. Social media marketing is likely the most cost-effective and diverse technique to promote a company. When done correctly, it increases your chances of generating larger returns on your investment.

Build Audience For Your Business - Social media marketing provides access to tools and methods that make it simple to reach out to a larger audience for your business.


Types of SEO and How SEO works

Types of SEO - Knowing how to get your brand, website, or organization found by searchers is a basic skill for a digital marketer, and staying updated on how SEO is developing can keep you ahead in the game. While SEO keeps evolving, its fundamental principles do not. There are three types of SEO.

How Search Engine Optimization works - How does Google choose what appears at the top of its search results? Google takes into account aspects such as correct keywords, page speed, outstanding content quality, user experience, internal links, anchor text, backlinks from authoritative websites, and mobile-friendliness of your site. The position of your website on search engine results pages is determined by a variety of factors, including how correctly you optimize the content to rank for relevant keywords and the quality of the user experience.

Types of SEO Explained -


Types of Digital Marketing in 2022

Digital marketing is a broad term that refers to a variety of methods for promoting business interests to potential clients. Digital marketing is a vast field with numerous specializations. There are numerous strategies to perform digital marketing depending on the objectives and goals of the organization. However, the following are the primary types of digital marketing in 2022:

Paid Social and Paid Search Advertising - Paid social advertisements appear on social media, and all ads that display on SERPs when you type a query are paid search ads. It is also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC), which is an internet advertising approach in which a company only pays for its adverts when someone clicks on them. Advertisers create these paid advertisements and compete with others for placements on their preferred social network or the search engine results page (SERP).


Social Media Marketing for Businesses

With increasing users, social media is revolutionizing businesses. How can social media marketing take your business to next level? Great social media marketing for business can propel your company to new heights, building loyal brand supporters and driving leads and revenue. Social media marketing is an approach for businesses of all sizes to reach out to prospects and customers.

What is the significance of social media in business marketing? The answer is simple: your company requires a social media presence. When it comes to making genuine connections with customers, you can’t ignore the power of going social. Social media platforms have become an essential component of business development plans. It makes no difference if you own a small shop or a large corporation.


Most Successful Email Marketing Strategies 2022

One of the best effective ways that companies can communicate with their clients is through effective email marketing, yet most of the businesses don’t take advantage of these most successful email marketing strategies. Through email marketing, companies can reach their prospects, build and nurture strong customer relationships.

Preview optimization - While email marketing subjects are something that everyone is familiar with, the preview text is something most companies tend to overlook. If this element isn’t optimized, most email clients end up showing the first few lines of the body of the email as the preview text, which tends to result in irrelevant or low-quality text that doesn’t properly portray the contents of the email.


Ultimate Content Marketing Guide 2022

Most businesses have understood the influence content marketing has on revenue. But with the landscape constantly shifting, how do you do it right? For your customers to take intended action- you need to resonate with them. Content marketing Guide is a powerful way to boost your brand awareness, conversions, and customer loyalty. With tailored content for each audience segment, you address their needs and prove yours the right solution for their predicaments. Your content should be focused on similar topics so your audience can start associating your brand with that subject matter- positioning you as a leader.

However, with colossal volumes of existing content online (and increasing), you need a proper, befitting strategy to stand out and win their hearts over. In this article, you’ll learn how!


Benefits of Account-Based Marketing

Account-Based Marketing - Is a B2B marketing strategy in which sales and marketing teams collaborate to identify the best prospects for becoming clients & focuses on high-value customer accounts.

Benefits of Account-Based Marketing

Faster sales cycles - ABM overcomes this challenge by delivering the relevant messaging to target accounts’ key decision-makers. The B2B sales process is extensive, and there can be issues when it comes to getting internal buy-in from prospective customers. As a result, ABM prospects move faster through the pipeline since they precisely target the account’s buying influencers and decision-makers.

Increased sales and marketing alignment - To develop a successful ABM strategy, marketing and sales teams must collaborate to identify critical accounts to target. Because of the close collaboration between the two organizations, both are responsible for the outcomes.


3 Ways to Maximize Influencer Content for Brand

Businesses are unaware that a single content can carry their marketing strategy. Kyle Dulay highlights attributes of making digital marketing successful. While influencer marketing continues to rise in popularity amongst brands, many are unaware that a single piece of influencer-generated content is enough to carry an entire marketing strategy with ways to maximize influencer content. That’s because influencer-generated content is comprised of multiple attributes that are important to a high-performing digital marketing campaign.

Influencer-generated content provides brands with…

- Social proof for your product or service
- Strategic distribution to a specific target audience
- High-quality custom content


Martech Interview with Nadya Khoja on content strategy

A strong organic strategy, means more visitors who you can narrow in on who already know your brand or are interested in the topics you’re covering. Nadya Khoja, Head of Content & Organic Growth at Sunnyside talks in an Martech interview on content strategy about how content plays a huge role in driving better engagement.

As the head of content at Sunnyside, building a revenue-focused content strategy to help the company scale acquisition via content and organic traffic growth. So it’s very much a content and SEO role. For instance, we consider ourselves the go to resource for mindful drinking, and so a lot of the content strategy revolves around being visible for that and educating people on the subject. Lot of the top of funnel content we develop is highly intent based.


Understanding Customer Experience in 2022

Customers evolve with time. So does the way to attract them. But in 2022, what is the acronym denoting the golden path for phenomenal & understanding customer experience 2022? The world population with a mobile device is your market. In the digital era, anyone and everyone with tech at their fingertips can be your customer. Brands can sell any service or product that they want. But how do they ensure customer retention and loyalty?

Customer experience is a customer’s journey with various touchpoints of your brand. The quality of all these milestones in a customer’s journey to accessing your product or service constitutes a phenomenal customer experience. It can be an advertisement that led them to your website landing page, a customer support call that promised them the confirmation, or even the packaging feedback.


The Best Marketing Analytics Tools For You

Marketing analytics tools are important for businesses to review their approaches in real-time and adapt to their customer’s needs. How do you choose the best marketing analytics tools for your business? Making important choices can be difficult and confusing. Sometimes all we need is some guidance to get started. Taking a data-driven marketing approach allows your company to improve the effectiveness of campaigns. It can enhance decision-making, improving reaction times to new trends.

Marketing analytics tools make it possible for businesses to review their approaches in real-time and adapt to their customer’s needs immediately. Using software properly benefits the growth of businesses and without it, you are likely to maintain a less than adequate standard of digital marketing techniques that grow stale quickly.


Your Guide to Digital Marketing

Digital marketing guide is indispensable for businesses of every shape and size. But how do you start implementing it to enhance the customer experience for your business? Marketing is mostly about interacting with your audience at the perfect time and place. Marketing, in general, is the process of discovering and addressing client demands. This is critical in the business setting since strong marketing activities can generate inbound leads and attract a huge customer base. Today, that means meeting people where they already spend most of their time i.e. on the internet.

What is Digital Marketing? - Digital marketing is the promotion and sale of products or services via the internet using digital devices. It uses a variety of platforms and technologies that enable an organization to examine campaigns, and strategies to determine what is and isn’t working.


Martech Interview with Tom Treanor on Marketing Strategy

Tom Treanor, CMO at Treasure Data talks in an Martech Interview on Marketing Strategy about how CDPs are changing customer experiences in a digitally disrupted world and impacting the martech arena. Each company blends art and science for its own marketing strategy – creativity is what helps companies stand out, in addition to having the best data and insights possible.

With marketing becoming more tech-oriented each passing year, How is customer data foundational to lifecycle marketing? For lifecycle marketing, customer data is essential. CDPs are often implemented to improve acquisition, but a lot of their value lies with ongoing customer satisfaction, retention, upsell and cross-sell. A CDP can also drive a much more satisfying customer experience.


Martech Interview with Emilie Drishinski on Advertising

The advertising space is fast-paced and the digital landscape is evolving. In this interview, Emilie Drishinski shares her views In an Martech Interview on Advertising & marketing automation platforms and social marketing campaigns. Measuring impressions, views, purchases, etc. will give a brand the best place to look when it comes to what is most impactful on their ROI.

As a Client Partner at Oracle Advertising, she lead growth strategy with IPG for activation products such as third-party audiences and contextual targeting solutions. The advertising space is very fast paced and in the digital landscape is always changing. As someone who has worked in the marketing and advertising space in NYC for a few years, she co-founded End Marketing with my husband Nick who works in tech and e-commerce.


Marketers Aren’t Maximizing Their Content

There’s a new, modern playbook for your content marketing strategy: one that takes the burden off marketers and centers around the voices your audience most want to hear through a process called amplified marketing. Every day, marketers are missing out on the opportunity to maximize their content marketing strategy. Instead of tapping into the valuable audio and video content they already have, they’re relying on outdated tactics that haven’t changed since content marketing first became mainstream two decades ago.

Think back to the early 2000s. Blogging quickly took over as the foundation for every brand’s content marketing strategy. Now, look at your content marketing strategy today. Chances are not much has changed.


Successful Email Marketing Strategies

Email marketing is an effective way for companies to communicate with their consumers. So what are some successful strategies that businesses should try? One of the most effective ways that companies can communicate with their consumers is through email, yet most businesses don’t take advantage of some of the most successful email marketing strategies. Through email, companies can reach their target audiences, build and nurture strong relationships, and grow.

Segmenting subscribers - Segmenting the subscribers of a company’s email contact list involves dividing that list into smaller groups, or segments, based on shared characteristics for each group. For example, companies can segment their email constant lists by gender, location, purchase history, or age.