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DC 8's Ads
Job Offer

Expert Google and Bing CPC media buyer wanted to arb traffic to our search sites. Must have extensive knowledge on how to buy ad manage up to $1 million per month in media. Please contact me on Skype at Danzo51 or email me at for more details.


Look guys! CBD Oil is blowing up and people are making up to $10k per month promoting it after being in the business 6 weeks and I need pro's who know how to be creative in promoting it.

Here's my current job ad for your review: and I'm looking to promote the ad or a new website I'll built to promote it.

Its free to be a distributor and I'm open to all ways we can market this product.

Please Skype me at Danzo51 and let's talk ASAP!


Hello, we just launched our website and have almost 400k uniques visitors per month. We are selling display ads on cpm/cpc basis so please contact me at on Skype at Danzo51 for more details or call at 949-389-0227 between 8:00 AM and 6 PM PDT California USA time. Thanks!


I have access to matching data which is currently being used by agencies, publishers, data providers and other mar-tech platforms. The team has over 20 years of experience in data management, email collection and distribution, IP modeling and now MAID identification and targeting. Our capabilities allow us to provide identity mapping from offline to online, online to online, and online to offline.

Here's the highlights of our data reach:

310MM unique and individual emails tied to full postal address
50MM Household Emails
530MM household IPs attached to full postal addresses
110MM individual IPs attached to a mobile number
340MM individuals graphed and matched to IDFA/AAID mobile IDs
Real-time and batch file search cookie, keyword data with 300+ categories!
Real-time and batch file URL level data
Latitude and Longitude matching and much more, if you need any data not listed here we can find it!
Please Skype me at Danzo51 or call me at 949-389-0227


We have a new revolutionary pain killing cream used for arthritis and all types of back and joint pain and we need quality traffic that can target these type of buyers. Please Skype me asap if you can help we have $10k per day budget for converting traffic and can be live in 2 hrs.

If you have this type of traffic on other geo's please reach out we are growing internationally and might buy it as well.

Please Skype me at Danzo51 or email me at right away!!


We have premium XML cpc feeds with $2 to $15+ per click for email marketing pubs. Please contact me ASAP if you have quality US traffic at Danzo51 or email me at



Job Offer

Introducing the "GO" Proximity Marketing Beacon. This is the Product You'll Be Selling!

The GO Automatically Promotes Businesses and Attracts NEW Customers by Sending Notifications to Every Android Phone and Device (iPhones with a 40 Character Message and Link within a 100 Yard Radius of wherever the GO is! It's Incredible! No one has seen them, so your customers will be instantly intrigued!

The GO is a beacon, fits in the palm of your hand, and is easily set up in their back office just by typing in the message and link they want the GO to promote. It's insane! Businesses buy dozens of them at a time. They leave them in stadiums, high traffic dept stores, conventions, in their pocket/pocketbook.. you'll see.

You can work this Job from anywhere in the world and sell anywhere and make huge residual income and earn up to 25% commission for direct sales. Please email me at or Skype me at
Danzo51 and I'll send you all the information about the company. Thanks!

Job Offer

Attn: Media buyers, I have capital to scale your successful affiliate offer campaigns up to $200k per month!! I'm looking for media buyers who know what affiliate offers to run and which have proven ROI's which we can launch together and will be profitable immediately. The ideal candidate/partner will handle all aspects of the marketing process and I finance the operation and we split the profits 50/50. Please reach me on Skype at Danzo51 or email me at for more details about this opportunity.

Fyi: I'm open to using all media types: native ads, pops, banners, video, search ect and will work with any offer that has good profit margins.

Job Offer

Hello, I'm looking for a skilled native ad media buyer to run 20 to 30 CPA campaigns from their home. Base plus commission so please email me your resume or Skype me at Danzo51 for more details.