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Over $30 per hour for chatting 
Why would someone pay you to chat on Facebook Messenger?
Well, have you ever chatted to a business on their Facebook page? Or chatted to a business on any other social media platform?
If you have, then the person you were chatting to on the other end is exactly the type of person who gets paid for chatting on social media. 
Businesses hire thousands and thousands of people to chat to their customers on their website and all social media platforms (including Facebook Messenger). 
Because that is where their customers want to talk to them.
-They want to ask businesses in their Instagram DM’s about the features and price of a product
-They want to message the businesses Facebook page to ask a question about shipping
-They want to use the live chat on the website before they purchase to ask any last minute questions
Customers expect businesses to offer chat as a sales and support option on the

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Are you a woodworker trying to installation your workshop, however your small area and restricted price range are becoming withinside the manner?

It seems that inspite of a small area (as small as 8’X8’ rectangular feet); you may nonetheless set-up up a whole, absolutely purposeful workshop.

And you don’t ought to fear approximately now no longer having a variety of cash; at Ultimate Small , professional woodworker Ralph Chapman offers you a whole manual to putting in place a small, however whole workshop for under $1,000.

No Space, No Funds No Tools?

Workshop area and device choice are most of the maximum not unusualplace troubles amateur wood-people face. Many amateur woodworkers do now no longer understand how a great deal price range they want to installation a store, how a great deal area is sufficient, how to buy pleasant items inspite of restricted price range, amongst different things. In a whol

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Open the email [Bipinbhaigameti]

Awesome, you are now one step closer to working as a paid online writer, getting $25 - $35 every hour.

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Job Offer

Hi [Bipingameti]
We have a job opening for someone from [COUNTRY] to be a paid live chat assistant, starting right away.
While searching our database for possible candidates [NAME], you came up as a good fit.
If you are interested and available we will be able to get you trained, working and have the first pay-check for you within days.
Click here to complete the process if you are interested.
A few details about the job…
Job description: You will be doing live chat support for various businesses on social media channels. So this means chatting to customers on Facebook and Instagram chat and helping them with purchases.
Pay: $35 an hour.
Location: This is remote work, so you can do it from anywhere in the world.

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