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Lama Kanj's Ads
Lama KanjBuyer

30+ billion impressions/mo. Opportunity for your OpenRTB solutions via DSP & SSP Solutions. We operate a Display/Mobile/Video/Native focused ad exchange that offers access to premium inventory through a single point of integration.

I am happy to schedule an introductory call at your convenience to discuss more on how we can work together. Thanks!

Lama KanjBuyer

Work with Daily Engage Media and enjoy high CPM rates with our in-house algorithm, strong demand, and high fill rates. Contact me at or Skype: lama.dailyengagemedia.

Lama KanjBuyer

We're looking for high quality video traffic. Strong demand, high fill rates, high CPMs. Work with us!,
Skype: lama.dailyengagemedia