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Giulia B.Buyer


I'm looking for Italian Display Traffic (CPL)

Don't hesitate to contact me
skype: giulia.abacus

Free Email AddressSeller

Free Email Database - The world of business is becoming highly competitive day by day. Hence, it is vital to generate a spark in the customers’ mind for your business before your competitors do so. For this, it is a must that businesses connect with the right customers. It is highly important if you are planning to grow leads and improve sales. So, are you finding it difficult to connect with the right customers? If yes, then you need to connect with to get free email addresses of all the possible customers for your business. Then you can easily convert them into your loyal customers using effective advertising.

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Liia SheininaBuyer is looking for high quality CPA traffic for our Nutra, Dating, E-commerce, APK, Mobile Subscriptions, Extensions and Finance offers for APAC region.
Contact me here or via Skype: liya.shejnina

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OriginJob Offer

I have websites with 4 ads on each and I need a substantial amount of sales to each ad. The sales will only count if someone comes to my site clicks on the ad and buys something through that link. I will pay $10 for every sale made. If you’re interested tell me how many sales you can make a day. You will be paid weekly depending on how many sales you’ve made. I’m looking to do this for long term. If you can make 10 sales a day you will earn $36,500 a year if you can make 20 sales a day you will earn $73,000 and if 30, 40 and so on the amount of sales you want to produce a day is up to you. I have many positions still waiting to be filled. This pay is based on performance. I need people who know affiliate marketing and know how to garner sales.


Phono is India's fastest growing and most loved affiliate network. Our expertise is Cost per sale, Cost per lead, Cost per Click, Cost Per Installs, Cost Per Download, Social media, Search Marketing and Video Marketing Campaigns.

Our success is built on market-leading technology, data and performance intelligence combined with exceptional client service, innovation and performance.

Rosie AndreJob Offer

• Must have digital/performance marketing experience
• Must speak Arabic and be resident in the UAE
• Must be able to work remotely/freelancing

• New business development- Expected to initiate new business/businesses in that region
• Identifies trendsetter ideas
• Locates or proposes potential business deals
• Screens potential business deals
• Develops negotiating strategies and positions

Salary: Very attractive

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