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I am looking to buy desktop and mobile web traffic for standard banners on CPM basis.
Targeted Geos: US, UK, AU and CA
If you have it, don't hesitate to contact me.

Skype: sai_uberad

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BUY TRAFFIC. I'm looking for Affiliate, Database or website.

• I buy your traffic.
• Platform: Desktop - ( No mobile )
• Sources: Emailing, Display, Search, Iframe
• Verticals ( Mutual Insurance, Financial investment, credit or repurchase credit, consumption, housekeeping, health, astrology, games, adults, training / courses)
• Basis: CPL, CPC
• Geos: FR, CHFR, BEFR.

Add me on skype :

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Hot direct US/AU campaigns on CPL basis. Add me on skype - danile.adcrimson

Thank you!

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We are gaming app company looking Affiliate manager for Business Development to handle the advertiser and publisher who have good experience in campaign management and media buying as well as selling. Primary role will be able to onrole new advertiser, publisher, affiliate networks along with media buying activities.

Send your resume at

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I have 2 years experience about Mobile traffic... I want to become a Manager...
So Ping me If you need me :) skype id: tronglk123

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