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Hey - this is John Kim from WhatRunsWhere. We're a online advertising spy tool for display, mobile, and native campaigns.

Affiliate networks can use our tool to find trends and offers while affiliates can learn top performing campaigns.

We're used by a range of super affiliates, networks, agencies, and publishers to gather deep insights.

Creative Banners (Static, HTML5) and Native Ads
Traffic Sources and Network Sources (Exchange, DSP, Network)
Tier 1 Geo Coverage
AdStrength and Ad Duration

Coming soon is affiliate network and trackers.

If interested, feel free to reach out directly for a demo or free trial.

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I am looking to buy desktop and mobile traffic for banner and video ads. If you have it, don’t hesitate to contact me.

P.S We do provide RON/ROS Tags

Skype id: navin-chandwani


I am looking for dynamic solar lead buyers. I have an API/XML ping tree that I am looking to bring more buyers on. My focus is solely buyers that can provide a price that my tree can accept or deny. Our offer is already backed with top 10 buyers. You can see our offer here: We are TCPA compliant and have already been vetted by top organizations. Please add me on skype markroundsky email

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A young adult dating project is looking for advice on ad banners - content specifics and optimization.

The questions we need help with include the following:

- What are the specifics of the text and photo content for dating ad banners for each of these locations: USA, Canada, UK, France, Australia, Sweden, Norway, Denmark?
- What is the volume of traffic enough to make reliable conclusions of the banner’s effectiveness?
- What in your experience is the average lifespan of a dating banner?
- Should each banner set be based on a new concept or is a simple redesign of the old one is enough?
- Etc.

If you are an expert in all or any of these aspects, we would appreciate your help.

For more details of the project and to offer your expertise please contact me at

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Good day
Company looking for Partnership in all regions of our planet.
Need peoples who can setup business relations in own country between Company (supplier) and local wholesale company (buyers).
Relations for place orders at Japanese manufacture, one from 3 on the earth who produce new technology product for health protection!
Need country representative, main responsibility is setup relations
Profit: % from Contracts
Contact email:

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Hi All,
I'm Alex Tudorache and I am looking for new opportunities as a remote Business Development Manager. You can reach me at any time via Skype, my id is alextudorache08

Please have a look at my LinkedIn profile ( to get a better understanding of my experience.

I'm available to work FULL TIME.

Alex Tudorache

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