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Selling global Mobile & Desktop pops and banner CPM traffic at very competitive rates:
- non-incent
- cross device targeting
- "vertically-smart" system

We have everything you need for a successful campaign including a wide range of optimized ad units, flexible targeting opportunities, and the best account managers in the business!

Skype: veronica.targead email:

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Highly interested in additional sources of traffic for our campaigns. We are looking to monetize our inventory with CPI campaigns for IOS and Android.
Ready to answer your questions via skype:

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Currently have Direct Install offers for Tier 1 and MENA countries, Lets have a chat if you've got HQ traffic in these geos.
Skype - live:tayo_167

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this is our app:

You need to find people who want to buy our traffic
for more info please add me on skype:

*the people can be from the whole world

OriginJob Seeker

I have 3+ years of experience in this field. I can manage both Publishers & Advertisers at the same time.

Looking for your prompt reply.

OriginJob Offer

Requirement: Have a good knowledge of Chinese and Vietnamese ; And
agree with company philosophy ; If do well , you can charge of operation management platform .

Work Place : HuZhiMing City , 10th and 11th country

Work Contect : Preparatory work of Live Platform ;

Salary : 2000RMB~3500RMB Per Month ;

If you have any interest , please call +84 0934867870 (徐成海)or contact Skype id : tina.idvert ; Email : !

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