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Hi all,

My name is Alessio and I'm the person in charge of italian market in Addoor, a native advertisings operator. We do currently collaborate with 71 publishers in Italy (5mln uniques users per month).

If you`d like to buy traffic for your campaigns and test our technology, please let me know and I'll be glad to assist you.

My skype is : alessio.lupino2

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Don't crash yourself with bad offers, come to work with the best CPA Network now! Best Rates and Conditions for OWN OFFERS. Wanted own offers in Sweepstakes, Nutra, Mobile (apps, subscriptions) , Dating, Insurance verticals.
For more information reach me on

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We are looking for a new Senior Affiliate Manager to join the Italian team of our Multinational company located in Spain. If you have several years' experience (at least 3 years) please forward your resume at
The candidate will deal with:
- Managing and planning the internal campaigns for the Italian Market or international
- Managing the relationship with partners
- Looking for new partners
- Supervising partner offers and opportunities
- Campaigns tracking, analisis and fine-tuning
- Weekly reports of campaigns
If necessary, the candidate would be helping other colleagues in operating their activities.
Personal Skills required:
- In-depth knowledge of the marketing affiliates and digital marketing: display campaigns, CPM, CPC, CPA, etc.
-Tracking platforms knowledges
- Italian mother tongue or at least B2 level
- Good ability to adapt and work as a member of a team
Extra Personal Skills (not compulsory):
-Knowledge of Spanish language

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We are looking for a Sr Business Developer for Hootmobi, our expanding Affiliate Network to help us grow the business.
More information:

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Hey everyone,

I am a Media Buyer with over 5+ years of experience, and I am looking for a Media Buyer/ Publisher Manager or a Media Seller position either in Barcelona, Spain / or a remote position.
I have experience in Adult Dating, all geos worldwide, and all niches included.
I will also consider working as an Affiliate Manager as I have more than enough knowledge to help your clients achieve their ROIs!

Part time and freelance opportunities are welcome as well.

Keep 'em coming, people!!!

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