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Hello all.
i am looking to buy desktop pop traffic from direct sites by JS code.
please ping me
Account Manager: Sreenivas Pappala
Skype: sreenivas.pappala


I am looking for a PC pop under buyer who is looking to buy a global package. The CPM is very low for the volume and quality and it comes from 1 direct source no network

Skype: adam.reactads

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Job Offer

Due to the current uncertain times, many of us are suffering the financial and mental strain.
A high volume of people have found themselves made redundant, with no prospects or ways to immediately provide for their families.

Is there a Solution to this?
The answer is, yes!

We are currently looking for individuals who are self driven, motivated and possess the enthusiasm to succeed.

The Role would include:
⁃ Establishing a strong network of key individuals, whom you can rely on and delegate responsibility towards.

⁃ Utilising key social network platforms ie Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as a marketing tool.

⁃ Continuous training and expansion of product knowledge.

⁃ Managing client accounts and customer satisfaction.

⁃ Developing and growing a portfolio of consistent clients.

⁃ Meeting key targets and KPI’s.

The role is primarily focused on marketing and sales, along with customer care.

Ömer AkkanJob Offer


"Please do not write without reading!"
-Facebook Instagram ads are approved for each sector in every 3 min.
-Btc ads are approved (clocker is used for approval, ad settings are done 1 time and will not be changed again min 2 days will remain live)
-Social Media on sexual +18 domestic and overseas products are advertised min 2 3 days remain on air. -Adwords Your ads are approved on all other sectors.
-Adwords opened accounts in a sector that uses clocker advertising will be sent to the client to upload files sent to the client, we ask the customer himself.
-We have the right to choose all of the above-written publication dates.And we have the right to choose, and finally, please do not pay the ad we will pay you directly approaching friends I would not write if possible ... As a result of the effort to open that account is spent on behalf of mutual confirmation everything is more healthy It happens.

Gil RamJob Offer

Hi all.
If you are a Google accounts expert, great problem solver, with a huge earn to make a lot of money,
Than contact me !
skype - gilvram

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