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Hey Guys,

I have Adult Dating Members area traffic available on CPC. Traffic comes from a large network of dating sites.

Hit me up for more details if you are interested.

skype: bryan.glass3


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we are looking to buy CPL
for IT and GCC

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If you have email, mobile and facebook campaign and are you looking forward to having great performances you can try / shoot your campaign in our Premium email database in AU, CA, DE, NZ, US, CO, UK, NL, BENL, BEFR, ES, IT, FR, MX, BR, PL, NO, DK, FI, and SWE. ! on CPL, CPM or CPC. Please reach me at or Skype: anderson.j.moreno

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Looking for a sales executive who can onboard advertisers based in india fro mobile, desktop and leadgen based campaigns.

Salary is base + commission from profit generated extremely lucrative position.

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I have 2 years experience about Mobile traffic... I want to become a Manager...
So Ping me If you need me :) skype id: tronglk123

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