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Admobly have Direct campaigns Valentines Offers for sweepstakes SOI CPL - US - NON INCENT

Ping me on skype- aman.gupta764
or email -

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If you have high traffic CPI/CPA you're on the right post. ping me on Skype: julia.mtde

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I'm looking for a contextual pops traffic.

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I have more than 5 years of experience in digital marketing: managing, creating and maintaining relationships with important advertisers and publishers and leading an affiliate network in the Brazilian and International market. After several years working on the Affiliation Marketing and attending several international conferences I have built a mailing list with over 15k affiliate marketers, media buyers, advertisers and ad networks which I can easily approach them using an autoresponder integrated with my corporate email.
I also have great ability to identify and track affiliates promoting competitors campaigns.

My knowledge, experience and entrepreneurial vision are second to none and includes the ability to correctly identify and understand publishers’ business goals and develop customized strategies and plans for each publisher to allow them to meet their business goals quickly and efficiently.

Please check out my resume:

Renan Soares

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Sharecare Consumer Solutions (SCCS) is looking for a skilled performance-based online Affiliate Manager to assist in growing the needs of its Media department.
Position Responsibilities:
• Oversee day to day of publisher management including partner optimization, ongoing business development and campaign/creative testing
• Monitor partner activity, analyze performance, identify areas of improvement, and recommend ways to increase publisher-generated revenues
• Manage accounts and grow relationships with key vendors
• Prospect, testand develop new media partners, optimizing towards successful levels of performance
• Play vital role with accounting to ensure payments are on time and all invoices are tracked
• Manage pixel placement, testing and operational functions for media partners
• Perform competitive analysis in order to provide suggestions and feedback to sales team
• Communicate and monitor partner performance for compliant behavior by publisher channel

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Hi All,

I am looking for Media Buyer/Publisher Manager position. I am open for work from home position. You can reach me on Skype @ samjoy1985.
Please go through my LinkedIn profile ( to get a better view about my work profile.


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