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We offer co-registration leads in many countries. Fresh databases. We need a partner to monitize it in different niches such as binary/gambling/weight loss/nutra.

Send me a message for more information.

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We have tons of adult and mobile content campaigns!!! Let me know if you have traffic! I'll help you spike your cost!! $$$


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Your responsibilities:

• Account management and client acquisition, including cross- and upselling
• Work intensively with our advertisers, marketing agencies and affiliate networks on a daily basis to arrange new deals
• Business volume, profit & loss responsibility for the UK market
• Co-development and execution of online and offline marketing campaigns
• Liaising with local and international sales partners and agencies
• Regular revenue, market and competitive analysis
• Achievement of the sales target via disposition of the entire product portfolio in the UK market
• Responsibility for the whole sales cycle, from bid proposal management to conclusion of contracts
• Acquisitoin of new advertisers for our offers

Our requirements:
• Bachelor degree required with a sales / media / marketing or similar
• Enthusiastic, proactive and motivated teamplayer who always aims for maximum result
• Approximately 2 years of sales / account management experience
• Sales passion and pronounced cus

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Attn: Media buyers, I have capital to scale your successful affiliate offer campaigns up to $200k per month!! I'm looking for media buyers who know what affiliate offers to run and which have proven ROI's which we can launch together and will be profitable immediately. The ideal candidate/partner will handle all aspects of the marketing process and I finance the operation and we split the profits 50/50. Please reach me on Skype at Danzo51 or email me at for more details about this opportunity.

Fyi: I'm open to using all media types: native ads, pops, banners, video, search ect and will work with any offer that has good profit margins.

OriginJob Seeker

i am hakim ali.
i have 2 year expirence of advertising.
i need a job.

please your skype id in the comment thanks.

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