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Hi everyone,

I look for email traffic for CPL campaigns geo IT.

Can someone of you help me please?

If so let me know. :)

Thank you!

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Looking for Opera browser. PPI desktop basis only. If you have please contact nastya_3ginstall

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Laddez is an exclusive CPA network with more than 1.5k offers sources: top networks and developers. We have more than 1k
active open offers at the platform and more than 500 exclusive closed offers for direct sources.

Right now we are looking for more good quality traffic sources for Incent and Non-incet offers (CPA: CPI,CPR, CPE; One-click-flow; Pin Submit; APK). We need traffic WW: US,CA, Europe, AU, NZ, AE, EG, CN, JP, KR, Latam.

We are working NET30 for more than 1 year, so you can be sure that you'll receive your
money in time.

Sign in and let's make money!

Feel free to ping me anytime!


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Thumb rj madrid avatarJob Offer

Mobeetech Mobile Group is looking for Media Buyers to join the team (the Netherlands)
Mobeetech Mobile Media Group is known for its creativity in developing new mobile content services. On a daily basis our tech and development team is busy with creating new inhouse worldwide licensed content and expanding the mobile billing platform to operators in and outside Europe. The company is trusted partner of many operators and aggregators because of its solid and transparent compliancy rules and regulations. We are rapidly expanding to all possible Direct Operator Billing countries and connected in +20 countries.

We are not asking a lot of requirements, we just want the best people in the business. You are thinking of making a carreer change or just want to know if you are a good fit ?. Let's see what we can offer to you and you to us.


OriginJob Offer

This person will be responsible for team members, work on a wide variety of video platforms, in-depth understanding of advertisers/publishers needs, customizing suitable media presence, conducting meetings locally and abroad, attending conferences, enhancing the company’s potential clients’ database.

Thumb 8801f039580b4d28Job Seeker

Moderated traffic and converting it to CPA program (DSP )
integrated SSP in DSP
ad kernel technology
purchased display banner inventory.
Support the documentation of optimizations and learnings
Coordinates programmatic media buys across display, mobile channels
Create and optimize XML feeds (pop cpv and cpc )

skype max_lee2 email

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