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Our Ad Network serves over 25m Impressions per day and we are always looking to expand our pool of advertisers. We partner with over 2,000 publishers and offer a RTB system with Geo, Device and Category targeting. If you are advertising on Outbrain, Taboola, RevContent, AdBlade, Content.Ad, Spoutable...Then you should definitely be advertising with us.
Add me on skype kevinb.newsmax or email me kevinb@newsmax.
Look forward to working with you.

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Hey... do you wanna be a part of us? We are looking for Publishers who can run our CPA / CPI mobile apps for Android and iOS. We have many great offers. Let's discuss opportunities to work together and to begin to make money. Mybestclick Ltd. just has solutions for everything. I will give you a chance to convince me of the quality of your traffic.

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Get premium quality B2B email list to start your email campaign. The quality of our list is so good we are willing to give free sample so that you can be the Judge of it.

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Looking for a sales executive who can onboard advertisers based in india fro mobile, desktop and leadgen based campaigns.

Salary is base + commission from profit generated extremely lucrative position.

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Bonjour , l'agence Axe7 / Cloud Affiliation est à la recherche d'un de ses nouveaux talents .
Nous recherchons un account manager ( qui gère traffic et campagne, emailling et display ) sur l' Espagne en priorité et le LATAM .
Merci de me faire parvenir vos demandes par mail à

Hi our agency Axe7/ Cloud Affiliation is looking for an account manager wich manage traffic and advertisers on Spain for sure and also Latam .
Thanks to send me your demand on

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The first aspect is typically to identify new business opportunities, new partnerships, new ways to reach existing markets or new product or service offerings to better meet the needs of existing markets and then to go out and exploit those opportunities to bring in more revenue.

To give you a glimpse of the tasks you may be facing, here a short list of common tasks:

- Providing ongoing market intelligence and insights;

- Connecting new countries with our partners and build positive relationships;

- Analyzing and negotiating opportunities and threats;

- Improve the operational systems, processes and policies in support of organizations mission; specifically, support better management reporting, information flow and management, business process and organizational planning;

- Responsible for all technical and operational business for multiple countries;

- Project Management for multiple countries;

- Assist in the development of strategic plans for operational activity;

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