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Are you looking for more leads and becoming an iconic business in Singapore?. You can try various methods like social media and other kinds of advertising but if you really want to stand out among others for your business, then it is time for you to try something more advanced like email marketing. A great way for you is APAC Leads’ Singapore B2B Executives Mailing Lists. Getting business from Singapore is next to impossible if you are not being heard and this is where these email lists come into play. This email list that we have for B2B Executives in Singapore will help you get the attention of these investors who are looking for business fresh and new.

Siim KarutoomBuyer

Looking for some new partners whose traffic could monetize as a long term deal with competitive results of course :)
We have some heavy budgets and could establish a long-term revenue commitment when traffic is good.

We can work:
+ Smartlink ( CPI/ CPA )
+ Rotator Link ( Revshare on CPM, CPA, CPI )
+ Native ( JS tags )

For all interested please signup as PUBLISHER

Feel free to add me into Skype ( siim.adcash ) to work close.

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We are looking for active and self-motivated, enthusiastic and communicative personnel with experience in sales.
-       Search for new sources of traffic in the countries TIER 1 (CPI, CPM, CPC, CPA)
-       A full cycle of interaction with a partner : from finding a partner, and the decision to work with him, the conclusion of the contract, to optimizing conversion of the resulting traffic
-       Monitoring the implementation of payments -       Accounting of current contracts
-       writing a business plan. -       Monetization of purchased traffic, arbitration
-       Taking part in international conferences of Internet marketing
-       Preparation of concept the company's presence in social networks (Facebook, YouTube)

Job Offer

No one has ever thought that now we can make a living by posting stuff on social media.
But now, it's possible.
What I'm about to tell you in this email is a great way of working remotely.
Here, you need to manage social media and post content on behalf of some companies.
You don't need to learn any complex advertising skills or need any high-end device to work.
Just make sure you have a simple laptop or smartphone, and a reliable internet connection.
Hit this blue line to apply

Job Offer

Some professional app developers that we work with have launched some great survival games. Those games have great stories, threats, and features that anyone can enjoy playing with. And you have to do the same, you just have to download those games on your phone or tablet, and play as much as you want. And write short 200-300 word reviews on your experience with those games. CLICK HERE TO APPLY

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