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My name is Max, I introduce mobile performance agency iWOOP Ltd.
We have top converting offers with competitive payouts on CPI basis as well as timely payouts on NET 30 terms. For further conversation you can contact me on Skype: max.iwoop

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Looking for people interested in CPI. These are two huge campaigns with a limitless budget!

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Earn more and monetize your traffic on high eCPM. If you're looking to get the maximum revenue from your traffic and to increase your eCPM - feel free to signup for publisher account or contact directly

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We're hiring! For an experienced media company based in Center one freelance agent spot is available. High commissions, high monthly revenue, flexible and independent activity. Most suitable for students, part time seekers. Online media buying experience.


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Hey Guys,

ATM we are looking for additional support from someone who is expereinced with tracking platforms like Hasoffers,cake,afftrack,voluume etc

What you need to do is setup tracking for new advertisers, test offers, make sure eveyrthing that is being added is active and working.
pause/add offers daily
help people with anything related to offers.

if you have expereince then email me

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Hola si necesitan alguna persona que quiera
representarlo en mi pais , contactenme

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