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Hello Everybody .. !!

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Yuval ShulmanBuyer

My name is Yuval and I'm a media buyer at Aspire Global LTD.
my company has few gambling brands and our top one is - .
we are currently looking for CPL/CPA deals for Email and display traffic in UK, FI, SE, DK, NO, NL, DE, AT, CH, IE, CA and AU.
please contact me if it's relevant.
best regards,

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Job Offer

Share your feedback about the tools and processes you use to help you work more effectively. A few weeks ago, in phase 1 of this study, you were asked to rate and rank a few features on a survey. Now for phase 2 of this study, you will join us via Zoom to discuss your survey responses in depth and to understand the reasoning behind your responses. You will be expected to have your webcam on at least for introductions. The session will be recorded for note-taking purposes. Team members may be listening to the call.
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Job Offer

800/week remote live chat job

Pre header:

Currently hiring 4 people from [COUNTRY]



Do you like chatting on messaging apps like Whatsapp, Twitter DM’s, Facebook Messenger and Snapchat?

Most people chat on these types of apps all the time, but did you know there is a way you can get paid to chat?

It’s called being a live chat assistant.

Have you ever chatted to sales or support on live chat on a website? Or on the Facebook or Instagram page of a business?

If you have, you were chatting to a live chat assistant.

And that person you were chatting to was receiving an hourly rate of $25 - $35 per hour just for chatting to you.

Live chat assistants are in huge demand right now and in particular they are looking for more live chat workers from [COUNTRY].

If you think this is something you would be interested in doing, you can get started right away.
Hit this blue line to get started.....

Job Offer

#1: Rolex Datejust 36mm (Or equivalent in cash : 12 000€)
#2 2000 Freespins Package from 0.2€ to 1€
#3 1000 Freespins Package from 0.2€ to 1€
#4 750 Freespins Package from 0.2€ to 1€
#5 500 Freespins Package from 0.2€ to 1€
#6 400 Freespins Package from 0.2€ to 1€
#7 300 Freespins Package from 0.2€ to 1€
#8 200 Freespins Package from 0.2€ to 1€
#9 100 Freespins Package from 0.2€ to 1€
#10 50 Freespins Package from 0.2€ to 1€

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