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Cloak AffiliateBuyer

Looking For Companies looking to sell Their traffic On CPA basis

We provide:

- Hot Pre landers

- Landing pages

- Assistance with blackhat tools

- Affiliates with more than 50K$ monthly income we can provide payment solutions to social media platforms.

If you are interested sent a email by Private or leave your details under the comment section.

Manikya GowdaSeller

Looking for CPI Partners (Advertisers)
If you have Direct and semi direct, exclusive CPI campaigns
we have the right traffic for your campaigns with all transparency (app name, device id, impression tracker, post install tracker and more )
We had also recently launch RTB Self-serve platform with great options to deliver results
We can deliver great results for Tier1 geos
Comment your skype/mail id's to get started

#looking #for #cpi #offers
#transparency #traffic #mediabuying #selfserve

Anouk VIP ResponseBuyer

I've got the insights and experience to help YOU make great profits with simple fb and ig ads.

I'll guide you through FB targeting and creatives - all you need is a smokin' hot fb account and we're good to go!

skype: anouk.vipresponse

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Amanda SawyerJob Offer

When registering a new ClickCash account code, populate the “Referral Code” property with the ClickCash account of the person or entity who referred you to ClickCash. (The referring account will receive credit for the CC qualifying referral).
To receive the 10% revshare on webmaster commissions, simply refer new webmasters to ClickCash using the following link syntax:

The world’s first adult affiliate program. It pays to be a ClickCash affiliate! Weekly Payments
Real-Time Stats (no lags!)
Multiple niches to Promote
PPS and Revshare Opportunities
Lifetime Affiliate Referrals
Model Referral Commissions
Payments via Check or Electronically (ACH or Payoneer)

Miss rightJob Offer

hello all!
so.. we are looking for a "FB expert" to manage our campaigns.
- different verticals
- 2 years experience
- google; native ads

Job Offer

We are looking for someone who can help grow our list management business!

The financial reward for this job is huge & rather than offer a base salary, we're offering a large % of profits to make this more interesting to any candidates for this role

This is a "put your money where your mouth is" position as % will be based on your performance, experience and what you can bring to the table.

YES - you could argue that its less risk for us (it's not, were still paying the bills, buying lists, covering costs etc etc)

- liaising with list managers to see their requirements, whats performing & where
- looking for new lists & suppliers, negotiating with list owners and sites that may have mailing lists
- daily/weekly reporting on figures
- looking for new list managers
- managing internal mailing campaigns (when required)

You will be able to work remotely or with us in London.

Please reply with your skype ID and your name. This is really something not to be missed!

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