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Welcome to MyMediaAds, the beating heart of the marketing world. We’re not just another platform; we are the epicentre of connection, collaboration, and endless opportunities. Our story is one of evolution and reinvention, driven by a vision to redefine the marketing ecosystem and empower every professional in the field.

Our Journey: From MyMediAds to MyMediaAds

Our story began with MyMediAds, a thriving marketplace that connected over a million opportunities with 7000 companies and 100,000 users. In 2023, we closed the MyMediAds chapter, driven by the desire to embark on a new adventure.

A Vision to Redefine

MyMediaAds was born from a vision to transcend traditional marketplace models. We set out to become a vibrant and dynamic social media platform where the marketing community thrives. Here, users connect, collaborate, and engage beyond the conventional boundaries of a marketplace.

Revamped UI, Enhanced Features

The journey from MyMediAds to MyMediaAds was marked by transformation. We introduced a sleek, intuitive user interface designed to foster engagement. But we didn’t stop there. MyMediaAds introduced a host of new features, each aimed at enhancing your experience and empowering your marketing journey.

More than a Marketplace

While MyMediAds thrived as a marketplace, MyMediaAds redefines what a platform can be. We are more than just a space to post jobs and affiliate programs. MyMediaAds is where marketing professionals unite, connect, and shape the future of the industry.

Fostering Engagement

At the core of our evolution is a commitment to fostering engagement. MyMediaAds encourages you to connect, share, and build your social presence within the marketing community. It’s about relationships, knowledge sharing, and driving the future of marketing forward.

Why Choose MyMediaAds?

Innovative Vision: We’re not just a marketplace; we’re a visionary platform redefining the way marketing professionals connect.

Enhanced User Experience: MyMediaAds offers a revamped UI and a host of new features for an intuitive and engaging experience.

Community Engagement: We’re all about connecting, sharing, and fostering relationships within the marketing community.

Our Vision

Our vision is to empower marketing professionals worldwide, transcending borders, and opening up boundless opportunities for collaboration and growth.

Meet Our Leadership Team

Yaron Seror – CTO

Adi Barber – COO

David Melman –  CEO

Ofek Hugi – CMO

Partners and Investors – Echot ltd

Join Our Community

MyMediaAds is more than a platform; it’s a movement. Join us on this incredible journey where the marketing community thrives and shapes the future of the industry. Embrace diversity, champion inclusion, and be part of MyMediaAds’ transformative adventure.

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