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Quality Traffic CPI/CPL - Web/Mobile - All Verticals .MX,IN,FR,NL,ZA,MY,TH,AR,BR,DE,UK,AU,IT,US Need HIGH PAYING campaigns .
Reach me via skype- aman.gupta764

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Selling Worldwide Email Mobile & display Traffic. If interested ping me at greetings_sales29.

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Hi, My name is Vaishali Verma and I work for Adcrax as a business development executive. We are a Performance Network and Affiliates network and continuously searching for new partnership sources of traffic. Our main interest is in buying mobile CPI/CPA/CPL traffic. Our Campaigns are running both on Incent and Non-Incent traffic. Our main focus is to expand our business working with prosperous partners like you. Hope to hear soon from you.
Vaishali Verma

SKYPE ID: vaishali.adcrax
Mail ID:

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We are looking for a new Senior Affiliate Manager to join the Italian team of our Multinational company. If you have several years' experience (at least 3 years) and if you think you can fit for this position please forward your resume at
The candidate will deal with:
-Managing and planning the internal campaigns for the Italian Market or international
-Managing the relationship with partners
-Looking for new partners
-Supervising partner offers and opportunities
-Campaigns tracking, analisis and fine-tuning
-Weekly reports of campaigns
If necessary, the candidate would be helping other colleagues in operating their activities.
Personal Skills required:
-In-depth knowledge of the marketing affiliates and digital marketing: display campaigns, CPM, CPC, CPA, etc.
-Tracking platforms knowledges
-Italian mother tongue or at least B2 level
-Good ability to adapt and work as a member of a team
Extra Personal Skills (not compulsory):
-Knowledge of Spanish language

OriginJob Offer

Location: Barcelona, Spain
Reports to: Senior Manager, Technical Solutions Mid-Market EMEA
Language requirements: fluent English + European language

We're currently looking for talented people to join our amazing team based in Barcelona.
If you're looking for an opportunity where you could develop technical skills (web language as well as project management) but increase your business understanding dealing with our sales team and some clients on a regular basis. Spanish is not required, only perfect English skills. We would also offer you a relocation package to make the move more comfortable.

Criteo is more than a company, it's an amazing work environment and we're just looking for new people to take part to the adventure !
Check this out :

Join us to contribute to one of the fastest growing, leading edge technologies in online industry. We work smar, play hard and we share the same passion for e-Commerce, Advertising and Technology.

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I have 2 years experience about Mobile traffic... I want to become a Manager...
So Ping me If you need me :) skype id: tronglk123

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