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We are doing 2$ CPL coreg sign ups for everyone who buys 1000 sign ups, if you pay today, the offer will be valid for a year.
The conversion rate is 5% and you will have only people interested in your offer.
API or postback integration.
If anyone does not provide their id, we will not count and replace.

We guarantee that your businss will get qualified leads.
This is valid only for Forex / Binary, Casino, Ecommerce
Prepayment only!

All interested contact us.

Pietro RizzutiSeller

Our DSP provides access to billions of impressions from top quality sites, apps, marketplaces and exchanges, all through a simple, easy to use self-service platform that provides tons of useful decision-making data and insights, thanks to a deep level of reporting and analytics.

Please contact me if you are interested via Skype (pietro.rizzuti) or email

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In cpamasterminds we are looking for a BD Manager to help us increase our Latam clients portfolio, get new leads and manage our current clients.

Ömer AkkanJob Offer


"Please do not write without reading!"
-Facebook Instagram ads are approved for each sector in every 3 min.
-Btc ads are approved (clocker is used for approval, ad settings are done 1 time and will not be changed again min 2 days will remain live)
-Social Media on sexual +18 domestic and overseas products are advertised min 2 3 days remain on air. -Adwords Your ads are approved on all other sectors.
-Adwords opened accounts in a sector that uses clocker advertising will be sent to the client to upload files sent to the client, we ask the customer himself.
-We have the right to choose all of the above-written publication dates.And we have the right to choose, and finally, please do not pay the ad we will pay you directly approaching friends I would not write if possible ... As a result of the effort to open that account is spent on behalf of mutual confirmation everything is more healthy It happens.

Job Offer

We have opening for Media buyer in China region, it does not matter what gender and age of the candidate! We need guys and girls with burning eyes and a desire to make money;)

Experience in the field of advertising procurement;
Knowledge of Chinese and Russian is obligatory,
The experience of successful leading of advertising campaigns into a positive ROI is obligatory;
Ability to work with the large volume of data.

Search and purchase of traffic for certain tasks and projects;
Search for new development trends;
Participation in the development of existing trends;
Optimization and leading of advertising campaigns into a positive ROI.

Distance full-time work, or office;
Profit bonus;
Flexible schedule;
Lots of discretion;
Access to all resources of the affiliate program;
Almost unlimited advertising budgets;
Vast professional development opportunities;
Salary in USD / EUR

If you have any questions - feel free to contact us:

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