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Thumb fb365e6a5fa16c71EroAdvertising
Marketing and Advertising

EroAdvertising is a Global Adult Traffic Network with revolutionary technology that increases the performance of your online advertising campaigns, web and mobile, by providing new and innovative ways to add impact and relevance quickly and easily. Set up a EroAdvertising campaign in just a few minutes and increase your ranking and visibility right now..

Our team of advertising experts are here to help with personalized account manager .

Geo Targeted Contextual Traffic
Source Optimization
Customized Advertising Solutions
Pay per click, View or Period

Resposive Account Managers
API Support
Retargeting Solutions

Flat Rate

Become an EroAdvertising publisher and start making more money from your traffic. You will be able to work with the most popular online brands.

We are looking forward to start a long term cooperation with you!

- Accurate and reliable stats
- Weekly or monthly payouts
- Worldwide campaigns
- Partnership with the world's largest adult brands.
- Safe ads, only qualified ads will be displayed on your site .
- EaCtrl: Ads Controller with faster loading time on site, offers Anti Ad Block Solution


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Thumb e51c8e73e8cef86cKelkoo ltd
Marketing and Advertising

The eCommerce advertising platform that connects consumers with products. Our mission is to provide qualified leads to our retail & travel merchants.

No set up cost or fee
70m + e-commerce offers
6000 shops
Choose to work with banner ads, API, Feed
19 countries
CPC or Rev-Share agreement
45 days payment terms


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Thumb 84b95a9e861c6da0Taptica International LTD
Marketing and Advertising

Taptica is a global end-to-end mobile advertising platform that helps the world’s top brands reach their most valuable users with the widest range of traffic sources available today, including social. Our proprietary technology leverages big data, and combined with state-of-the-art machine learning, enables quality media targeting at scale. Taptica creates a single arena in which brands can scale and engage more relevantly with mobile audiences, staying ahead of the competition. We work with more than 450 advertisers including Amazon, Disney, Facebook, Twitter, OpenTable, Expedia, Lyft and Zynga.
Taptica International Ltd. is traded on the London Stock Exchange (AIM: TAP).

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Thumb 4f134e633d33cf09Matomy Media Group

Matomy Media Group is one of the world’s leading digital performance-based advertising companies. Our mission is to deliver unmatched results for our advertisers and media partners. We accomplish this by offering a single multi-channel gateway to all digital media channels on web, mobile and social platforms.

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Thumb f5d4484b5319b7b9PopAdUp
Marketing and Advertising

PopAdup is an ad network focus on Results, Conversion and ROI

PopAdup is a real-time advertising trading platform for Pop and audience traffic.
PopAdup delivers maximum exposure for advertisers. We use a unique combination of industry
experience and advanced optimization technology to provide our customers with digital advertising
solutions that deliver results.

Our flexible approach to campaign settings allows you to drive audience that matches your advertising goals.
Just insert your target values into the corresponding fields when filling in a campaign form –
and you will only get the traffic that matches your goals

PopAdup support ad formats: Popunder, Native Ads, Popup, Interstitial, Time on Site & Page Views, and Targeted Audience Engagement Traffic.

For more details contact us:
Skype: support @ popadup.com
Email: support @ popadup.com

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Thumb 32ba64f35c03fba7Adorika Media Group
Program Development

Take advantage of a unique ad serving suite and SSP
Enjoy the best yield and inventory management techniques and full transparency
Boost your campaign’s performance with automatic optimization capabilities
Access premium, global demand & supply
Launch effective campaigns with our 18 in-house rich media formats
Benefit from the highest brand safety with our quality assurance standards
Gain from our competitive pricing models
Receive up-to-date campaign data with our real-time reporting
Whether your goal is to increase brand awareness or campaign performance, we’ll have all your needs covered and even more.

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Thumb 5f5a77187bcbae20Propeller Ads
Marketing and Advertising

Propeller Ads is an internet media company that is sharply focused on delivering the easiest, most effective, and reliable global digital advertising platform.

The company was founded in 2011, out of a desire to create a better bridge between publisher and advertiser. We understand that both sides need to be equally catered for in order to have a truly successful network. Out of this idea our innovative user-friendly ecosystem was born, and with it our simple and direct mission statement – Advertise Easy.

Our advertising network offers multi-channel advertising solutions for display, desktop, video, mobile, and in-app. It’s important for ad formats to be optimized for each channel, so it’s a good thing that we are obsessed with the modernization of our algorithms and the use of the latest technologies. It’s our goal to always see where the next changes are coming from and adapt quickly to ensure that our publishers and advertisers are always one step ahead of their competition.

We offer a flexible and transparent bidding model that delivers real market value to both publishers and advertisers. Our publishers are thrilled to receive maximum earnings from their site, particularly with our pop-under solutions, which are industry leading and offer the highest CPM rates in the industry. While our advertisers have access to a massive selection of premium sites, no wasted money due to our stringent optimizations, and they receive a dedicated account manager to ensure world class service.

We’re in the midst of an exciting time in online advertising. At Propeller Ads believe that we’re the best partner for publishers and advertisers that are looking to get the most value out of an advertising network.

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Thumb ee618fab07e2fdadRonsearch Ltd.
Online Media

Ronsearch LTD was incorporated on the 27th December 2011. We have passed the way from a small company to the large corporation
with 8 departments in 5 different countries. The company's main goal is the constant dynamic development of our programmatic
solutions in order to make the relations between advertisers and publishers
successful and profitable for both sides.

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Thumb 802b1774da9cfbc3Liantech LTD
Marketing and Advertising

The mission of Liantech LTD is to provide result-oriented marketing, design, and advertising campaigns to meet our partner’s objectives. We seek to become the leading marketing supplier to our partners by proving our services to the best of our abilities. In the world of online marketing staying updated with the most recent trends is critical as the internet is diverse and ever changing. Advanced marketing strategies are put into action on a daily basis, as our approach to online marketing is engaging to increase the customers’ experience. Through collaboration the success rate between agencies and clients is expected to grow, as the marketing services will increase revenue, sales, and communication with B2B and B2C. At Liantech LTD we are committed to maintaining a productive environment where we are able to achieve our goals and reach our vision.

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Thumb 838f77b7fbe12567Galaksion LP
Marketing and Advertising

An international advertising network Galaksion provides professional digital marketing services in 153 countries on all continents. Being a pretty young Company that was established in 2014, Galaksion has reached 400% of annual turnover by the end of 2015.
The Company’s effective performance can be justified by exclusively clean traffic and 100% protection against bots, availability of over 30 types of targeted traffic and a variety of online advertising options.
Reasonable rates create a win-win situation for all parties involved - either it’s a webmaster or a publisher. Owing to online platform and statistics, the users can actively control their advertising campaigns and tune them live. At the same time, our experts are always there to guide you through all the steps, conduct analysis of your niche and product and do everything in order to deliver real results.
The company welcomes both – webmasters and publishers! We can guarantee 100% monetization to the customers and that’s exactly why we have long-term business relationships with such monsters in their industries as Wargaming, Alibaba, UBER, 888 Holdings and more!
Start winning your audience with Galaksion. Trust your business to professionals.

GALAKSION in numbers:
- 18 billion page views per month
- 260 thousand conversions and leads over the past month
- 14 thousand active monthly advertising campaigns

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Thumb 864224376ae54e2eeGentic GmbH
Marketing and Advertising

eGENTIC - Lead Generation
Our Leads ... Your customers!

eGENTIC (formerly known as PLANET49) was founded in 2001 as a home based start-up company. Today the company has more than 40 million registered users across 30 different countries and is the leader in lead generation for database marketing.

We offer our clients qualfied leads for successful new customer acquisition.

Key Facts:
- over 40 million registered users
- over 2.5 million leads per month
- over 1,000 companies as satisfied clients

> Data acquisition in premium environments
> Continuous updates of our databases
> Transparent evaluation of results and competent consultation

eGENTIC is also among the largest marketing contributors in the online world.

Find out more on http://www.egentic.com

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Thumb 08da80a1e1be4275Adcash
Marketing and Advertising

Adcash was founded in 2007 with a focus on delivering high-performing solutions to brand advertisers globally and online publishers. Today, Adcash is one of the foremost advertising networks in the industry. The Adcash platform gives advertisers access to deep level targeting, such as mobile device, operating system, location (including districts, counties, towns and cities) and much more, allowing them to reach highly relevant audiences and get the best results. Combine this with 150,000 premium publishers from all over the world, covering a range of verticals, advertisers are able to find customers, anywhere and on any device.

Convenient and powerful Self-Service advertising platform
Over 200m unique users, delivering 5.2m conversions and 850k app installs per month
All major ad formats supported, with App Install and Video coming soon
Dev2Dev support available for app developers looking to monetize with Adcash

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Thumb 15ca77714e20f43aWiget
Marketing and Advertising

The Wiget network covers +250 countries and devices ranging from desktops and laptops to smart phones and tablets.
As an advertiser you'll get instant access to an intuitive and easy-to-use self-serve interface and have +1 billion users a click away. Choose between a variety of advanced targeting options and set up conversion tracking to keep full control of your ROI.

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Thumb 0cc71eadff9e1461MGID Inc.
Marketing and Advertising

Santa Monica-based MGID is one of the first native advertising companies worldwide and services thousands of publishers with billions of news stories every day, delivering marketing solutions for advertisers that key into consumer interests without disrupting their online experience.

MGID’s performance-driven approach ensures relevant, engaged and genuinely interested visitors to its customers’ websites, increasing traffic and revenue by maintaining the quality, and relevance website visitors expect.

Established in 2008, MGID has serviced quality content distribution to lifestyle and entertainment publishers globally.

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Thumb 6bb2d469ce58fb0cColmex
Financial Services

Colmex Pro is a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). Colmex Pro follows the regulatory standards of the European financial authorities and monitors precise due diligence procedures and practices.

Colmex Pro is a regulated specialist in investment services catering to investors and institutional clients.
Using Colmex ProTrader, Colmex WebTrader, Colmex Desktop Pro, Colmex MT4 and Colmex MobileTrader, clients can trade FX, CFDs, Stocks, Fixed income, Futures, Commodity CFDs, ETFs, Options and other derivatives

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Thumb 0f3037700b70446aMobVital
Marketing and Advertising

We are MobVital, a performance mobile monetization platform, which increases earnings by monetizing traffic with the highest paying CPA/CPI offers, and takes over optimization routine from publishers and ad networks so they can enjoy things they love. In other words, MobVital brings you more freedom!

We can help you to monetize your remnant/unsold mobile traffic with our direct CPI/CPA offers and guarantee you eCPM increase! It's fully automatic, our platform will identify offers that bring you highest eCPM and optimize performance using our algorithms. The integration is super fast and easy! We work on a Revshare basis with our partners and we will offer you the best rates, payment terms and dedicated account manager support.

If you would like to increase your earnings, save time and get more freedom, welcome to MobVital: http://bit.ly/1ZBXVq3
Register and reach us out in Skype mobvital to approve your account!

Web: www.mobvital.com
Email: info@mobvital.com
Skype: mobvital

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Thumb b962256c41053ec6T3leads
Marketing and Advertising

D & D Marketing, Inc. DBA T3Leads, was established in 2005 and quickly became one of the largest affiliate networks in the US and UK- mainly focusing on financial sectors. The company’s purpose is to connect affiliates, companies, and individuals that generate leads, to ultimate buyers offering the highest payouts. T3Leads provides a convenient and easy-to-use online portal for advertisers to deliver leads, which are then sold to lenders in real time as they are delivered into the platform.

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Thumb d04ba14cac8b28e51AppMarket / Fingertise
Marketing and Advertising

1AppMarket.com - App Market Place and Distribution for Developers and Advertisers

Fingertise.com - Mobile Ad Network | Mobile RTB | Android App Monetization

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Thumb 9afd620231c61f43AdCrimson
Marketing and Advertising

AdCrimson is a Performance-based Marketing Agency with an Affiliate Network back-end that focuses on mobile app marketing as well as display advertising.

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Thumb a2464d9cc387e8187Search.com
Marketing and Advertising

7search has been a leading Pay Per Click Ad Network since our inception in 1999 and is dedicated to providing value and service for online businesses. Continually recognized as a premier online advertising solution and a respected Web partner network, 7search has provided thousands of Web businesses with an economical and measurable opportunity to obtain Internet traffic and generate revenue through their online presence.

7search excels at connecting great advertisers with high-traffic, vertical-specific online publishers. The at-a-glance "simple" text ads that advertisers create and publish have proven to be a significant source of revenue and lead generation for all types of businesses. Fortune 500 companies as well as mom and pop shops have utilized 7search’s platform for a decade and a half to sell their products and services with great success. View more at, http://7search.com/about.htm

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Thumb e8691340f886e048Tomorrow Ads
Marketing and Advertising

Tomorrow Ads is an online digital marketing company aimed to connect Advertisers to their targetted audience through our extensive data base.

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Thumb fc4bb22195567853Ideal Media Group
Marketing and Advertising

We are an industry leading digital marketing agency, proud of our technical expertise, creative flair and ability to draw actionable insights from data.

At Ideal Media we have over 30 years experience and we have a passion and reputation for transforming brands and developing significant digital audiences for our consumer and B2B facing clients. As one of the largest Audience contact bureaus in the UK we can offer:

- GUARANTEED RESULTS – for our responsive email marketing campaigns
- Bespoke, customised and targeted e-newsletter design and broadcast services
- We have an audience of over 18 million UK consumer email contacts – broken down by geography, socio-economic and demographic profiling to target the RIGHT audience for your business
- A worldwide consumer contact database of over 80 million
- Over 2.7 million B2B email contacts
- Significant e-retail and affiliate programme opportunities
- Creative design services for adverts, email templates and web design
- Full Digital Marketing reviews examining your Email, Web & Social Activity and offering strategic advice

We have worked with many big brands over the years and we have been referred to as the Industries’ secret weapon.

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Thumb be67b61384af1ddbPerformance Media Strategies
Marketing and Advertising

Performance Media Strategies provides several services to direct response advertisers. We represent email publishers on a CPL basis and are interested in testing new and exclusive offers directly from the advertiser. The target audience our list reaches is adults 45+. Verticals that are strong are, finance, investment offers, health, mass tort, senior dating, insurance and travel.

The company also provides a pay per call program using various media's that include radio, TV, print, and mobile for advertisers seeking to generate inbound calls.

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Thumb ea0b5c61a201ce7aMarketing-Cross-Media
Marketing and Advertising


* Strong partnerships with direct advertisers, optimising ROI based on various campaign to lead generation & brand building.

* International coverage via our media networks based in Europe, Canada & Asia. Traffic generation worldwide: CPD/CPM/CPC/CPL/CPA: Display, video, mobile.

* Lead generation, pursuit of account campaigns, customer engagement & retention marketing, brand building & media/PR strategies in order to achieve new business & renewal revenue targets.
* Media buying target markets: Online gamming & Forex

* In depth expertise covering niche domains of the online gaming & Forex industry: Company structure & set up, website building, licensing, online payment rules & regulations.

An Internet business professional with a well-rounded business perspective, with a good understanding of finance & a proven track record in general Internet-based ventures, project management, conceptualization in the e-commerce & online gaming website domains.


• Building & establishing teams & team structure,
• Team management & motivation,
• Managing operational teams (affiliate managers, marketing teams, chat)
• Promoting accountability & responsibility.
• Campaign/project management,
• Industry conference budgeting
• Media Buying
• Online Gaming
• Website Development
• Online Marketing
• E-Commerce product development
• Budget Plans
• Result Analysis
I can be a little fanatical sometimes, so whey I care about what I do, I'm ALL IN!

ADVANCED:HTML & CSS , Wordpress, Photoshop CS4, Macromedia, MS Office
BASIC: SQL, Delphi, Kohana, Joomla, Oracle.PHP

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Thumb e98c27d7f19003a2World Leads
Marketing and Advertising

Who and what is World Leads CPA network, and why should I care?

You’ve probably heard the hype already? But just incase you haven’t, here’s why WL is quickly becoming ‘the’ top network to work with:

World Leads is a highly, professional, private CPA network, founded by successful affiliate marketers, for successful affiliate marketers.

Expect as standard:
- Industry leading payouts (upto 40% MORE than the competition!)
- Weekly or faster payments on any offer (once quality and volume cap has been established)
- All our offers are direct with the advertiser. Because brokering offers like other networks do, kills your payout and your redirect speeds. It’s for suckers!
- ‘Insider’ info (anything we know about an offer, you’ll know, shhh!)
- In-house, innovative, custom tracker with lightening fast re-directs. Killing ‘click-loss’ and adding ROI %’s on to your campaigns.
- Invites to our private ‘members only’ Skype mastermind groups – meet the other pubs that are doing what you’re doing and get tips or ‘kill it’ together.
- Support and management staff that have actually worked as affiliates themselves! If they’re awake, they will respond!

World Leads has offers in a wide range of verticals. Our ‘top 5’ include;
- Health/ Diet/ Supplements
- Adult/ Mainstream Dating/ Casual Dating
- Sweepstakes
- PIN Submits
- Mobile App installs

(We are rapidly adding new offers to gaming, utility and many other verticals.)

The hype is very real. World Leads isn’t just here to join in, we’re here to take-over!

Start becoming an elite affiliate marketer with WL right now. Or carry on being just average…

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Thumb 60bb82347833999aBluagile
Marketing and Advertising

Self-serve RTB Advertising Platform.

We make it fast and efficient for brands, agencies and marketers to pinpoint their target audience through our RTB demand-side platform. Bluagile gives you access to more than 50 billion web and mobile impressions worldwide at your desired rates.

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Thumb ae7973db05714c42Alpha InfoLab Pvt. Ltd.
Information Technology and Services

Alpha InfoLab is an Indian company. It's an IT venture of GBS Group.GBS group's head office is located at Indore (Madhya Pradesh) and various branches are at Mumbai, Raipur and Bhubaneswar.We are a global IT Solution and service provider company in the name of Alpha InfoLab. It was established on the day of Indian Independence in the year 2008.We aim to show our best with a different and interactive skills for providing the best quality solutions to our customers with the help of using latest technologies. We have team of creative IT professionals with young and enthusiastic thinking for problems. We have skills and abilities to make your imagination true by using our originality, knowledge and zeal.

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Thumb bb016a03864aaa16Nester Group
Real Estate

Nester is a niche real estate developer based in Bangalore. We were founded in 2006 and are now into our fourth project. As a company we are deeply committed to delivering high quality, futuristic homes by way of flats, premium apartments, row houses, commercial, villaments and other plotted communities that our customers can thrive in and cherish. Our projects are designed to build communities that are environmentally sustainable.

Nester is known as a premium apartment developer and our strong growth has enabled us to diversify into medium and large sized commercial work spaces and building refurbishments.Over the last decade we have earned a reputation as quality apartment developers.

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Thumb e3de574f4d3fea14Xapads Media
Marketing and Advertising

Xapads is fully independent programmatic ad exchange built to drive ROI through single platform. We offer self serve monetization platform that combines with exclusive data, easy to use technology, premium placements and integrated RTB solutions to help you achieve the more engaging results.

Xapads gives Ad agencies, trading desks; mobile ad networks the transparency and control over ads to give you advanced user experience which leads to innovative and trusted ad campaigns and premium ad spaces. We follow RTB compliance according to which Consumer privacy legislation and regulation is kept confidential while quantity, brand safety, supply chain efficiency and transparency are implemented under strict guidance.

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Thumb 90b23e9498e75f82Mail Prospects
Marketing and Advertising

Mail Prospects is a mailing list service provider that offers high quality email marketing services, business email address lists and sales leads to business. The lists that we provide comes with complete contact information including company name, contact name, contact title, telephone number, verified email address, fax number, revenue size & no. of employees. Our lists can be used for multi-channel marketing.

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