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Financial Services

Colmex Pro is a Cyprus Investment Firm (CIF) licensed by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC). Colmex Pro follows the regulatory standards of the European financial authorities and monitors precise due diligence procedures and practices.

Colmex Pro is a regulated specialist in investment services catering to investors and institutional clients.
Using Colmex ProTrader, Colmex WebTrader, Colmex Desktop Pro, Colmex MT4 and Colmex MobileTrader, clients can trade FX, CFDs, Stocks, Fixed income, Futures, Commodity CFDs, ETFs, Options and other derivatives

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Financial Services

BinaryTilt founded in 2013, and it is one of the leading Australian Binary Options Brokerages, Regulated by NZ FSPR.

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Financial Services

uBinary is the leading binary options brand growing globally to the satisfaction of our clients and partners. Come join our success and discuss how you can be a part of our growth!

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Partners Edge NetworkPartners Edge Network
Financial Services

Partners Edge is one of the top payday and installment loan affiliate programs for over 10 years.

80% Rev Share payouts on all offers

Refer a fellow affiliate for 5% lifetime commission on their earnings.

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Financial Services

Well known affiliates for forex and binary and leads generator our services included -
IMASignals -fully branded signals application that is connected to the broker's CRM and trading system. The application includes: News, Signals, Live Rates and push notifications.

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Financial Services

NinjaNetGroup(Affiliate Network) is an experienced affiliate marketing team delivering sales and conversions, as we focus on generating the best leads and sales results possible for our Advertisers and Affiliates. We working with the biggest brands in the forex/binary area.

Services we offer:

AFFILIATE NETWORK- We have a huge range of top performing CPA and CPL offers with the highest payouts and exclusive offers for your traffic level, you will enjoy partnering with us as we work together to help grow your business.

AFFILIATE CRM & API- ur unique CRM allows affiliates to have a maximum control on the traffic and leads; the affiliate can select the operator’s priority filtering by regulation countries, IP, source, campaign type and more.

FUNNELS AND APPLICATIONS- We are constantly building and providing the web and mobile application funnels to help our affiliates optimize their traffic and create better conversion rates.

CALL CENTER- Our services including building and operating call centers in Europe for online trading companies around the world.

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GSI MarketsGSI Markets
Financial Services

GSI Markets was established in 2003 in London, England as an online Forex broker.
Since our foundation in 2003, we’ve specialized in online Forex trading and remain a leading Forex and CFD broker for clients in more than 120 countries.
GSI Markets has one of the most experienced management-team with many years of experience in the Forex and technology industries. The company is still based in London, England.

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Investing.com Investing.com
Financial Services

Investing.com has created an Affiliate Network to connect qualified affiliates to established brokers.

Skype: Jessica.berg52
Email: jessica.b@investing.com

Time To:
Capitalize on Investing.com Success and Relationships
Maximize on our position as an established financial leader
Bank on your extensive knowledge of high volume Traffic
Use our Advanced Technology And Financial Tools

You Will Recieve :
High Converting Financial Widgets
Investing.com Expertise and Experience
Preferred Deals From Established Brokers
Cutting Edge Marketing tools
Manage Your Traffic Through One Interface

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Financial Services

iFOREX was founded in 1996 by a group of bankers and Forex dealers and is now one of the largest and most respected firms in the industry. We have accomplished this due to our commitment to high quality customer service, state-of-the-art technology and diversity of global trade products.

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iClick InteractiveiClick Interactive
Financial Services

iClickInteractive is a leading acquisition marketing company specializing in lead generation and email marketing. Founded by experienced, seasoned marketing executives, iClickInteractive uses targeted and measurable strategies that leverage the power of customer data to help clients acquire customers more profitably.

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Financial Services

Benedict Morris Binary Options has been created with one goal in mind: to make binary option trading profitable for as many of our traders as possible, by giving them the opportunity to put their trading skills to use in one of the most secure trading environments.

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Financial Services

Round Sky, Inc. specializes in connecting consumers looking for a loan online with a lender who can fulfill their request. Consumers are presented with simple forms; Lenders are presented with simple yet very powerful interfaces to control lead flow, filters, lead caps, lead price point analysis, data mining results, and more.

We specialize in the following loan categories:
US Payday Loans
Installment loans
Title Loans

If you're a website owner who generates Payday Loan leads, Installment Loan leads, or Title Loan leads, or a lender who is looking for such leads, we’d love to talk with you!

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Financial Services

We can offer top notch leads for binary and forex WW
All the traffic targeting for finance and trading online
18+ only

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Wingate MediaWingate Media
Financial Services

Representing more than 10 years of experience working inside the Internet and advertising sector, Wingate Media offers an exceptional approach to marketing and advertising that is both cost efficient and effective. Our “insider” knowledge of the digital media sector, combined with our collaborative approach to multiple market media, enables Wingate Media to deliver superior, cost effective results to our clients.

With a collaborative approach to multiple market media, our services focus on people, processes and technology and ultimately ensure that our customers receive the most out of their marketing investment. We believe an effective ad campaign can be successful no matter the size of the canvas. This approach allows us to keep both our costs down and ensures an attractive advertising alternative to any client.

Using a combination of web technologies together with Wingate Media’s hands on approach, we provide our clients with large volumes of appropriate e-traffic, which is specifically tailored to meet the requirements of your brand as well as your desired target audience. Our campaigns will help you build positive brand association, increase interactions with your client, increase brand loyalty, increase connectivity with your targeted audience, as well as motivate potential clients to engage with your products or services and ultimately lead to an increase in conversions and tangible revenue for your organisation.

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Financial Services

We in the CPAGrag strive hard to be the first Arab CPA network that provides services to individuals and companies.
Because of the development in the field of e-marketing and the absence of this development for the companies of the Arab and the commercial sector, the idea came of establishing this network that will work to clarify the concept of marketing commission for companies and help them understand the method of work, and how it will help them "Affiliate Marketing" to achieve greater revenues in their business.
A historical perspective on the evolution of the CPA:
CPA Prosperity is a performance-based affiliate network focused primarily on direct response advertising and Cost-Per-Action (CPA) marketing. Founded in 2009 by a group of investors with a simple goal in mind, to facilitate and provide marketing solutions for both advertisers and publishers alike, based on the concept of being a medium of high quality publishers and advertisers alike, looking to gain a competitive edge by harnessing the power of internet marketing.

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Financial Services

Since 2012 Master-Leads Provides High quality lead generation services to the financial sector. We are taking part in the growth of some of the largest financial companies in the world, providing only Targeted & qualified investors. Face the new era of the business and don't hesitate to dare and dream for big opportunities. Get clients who know how to deposit, people who have no fear of the financial markets. We are here to help you and your company, because we are best at what we do.

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The Credit ProsThe Credit Pros
Financial Services

The Credit Pros is a national Inc. 5000 credit repair company. With numerous offers, including PPCall, CPL, and CPA,
The Credit Pros are one of the most sought out financial companies for affiliates. The Credit Pros boasts large payouts with a dedication to fully servicing affiliates and partners. Contact The Credit Pros today to learn what program best suits your traffic.

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Financial Services

TradEqual is the Binary Options platform with no Brokers. You write the options and set the pay outs. Start writing binary options and trade like a Broker today! The 1st Peer to Peer Platform! Pay outs from 85-125% write your own option ,write your own check start making money now !
Join the TradEqual revolution and claim your free Demo Session now!

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Financial Services

365BinaryOption™ is one of the leading on-line trading platforms in the world. It was founded by a team of pioneers in internet technology and financial professionals. The principle at 365BinaryOption™ is a strong dedication to provide traders with the most reliable prices and effective software to create for its clients a lucrative and comfortable trading environment.

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Payofix High Risk ProcessingPayofix High Risk Processing
Financial Services

Payofix will be the turning clock wheel to seamlessly connect your store with the payment solutions your customers demand. If you are in need of High risk processing company, merchant account we are the ones you talk to!

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Financial Services

The Legacy FX philosophy is simple: offer focused and personalized services that makes trading logical.

Making Sense of the Markets

Legacy FX cuts through the excessive jargon and provides financial content in a language that that is comprehensive to all. We break down important financial data and explain it in terms even novice traders can understand.

As a Legacy FX trader, you can trade whenever and wherever you want, confident that you understand what you are doing when you enter the trading platform, why you are opening a particular trade and how your trades compliment your personal trading strategy.

Legacy FX trading makes sense!

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CM TradingCM Trading
Financial Services

Created by traders for traders, CM Trading's founders have combined years of experience to create a one-stop destination for online trading. As an online broker, CM Trading specializes in Forex, Index, and Commodity trading.

The company operates successfully around the globe and places great emphasis on providing professional and reliable services to all our clients. Our MT4 trading platform combines simplicity with professionalism and you are only ever a few clicks from opening an account! We provide our traders with the stability and accessibility you need for secure trading 24 hours a day, under all market conditions.

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Financial Services

Adfristmedia is a unique cost per action affiliate network that features a wide variety of verticals and offers. When joining Adfristmedia you are assigned a dedicated affiliate manager. A lot of networks assign dedicated affiliate managers but do not work closely with their affiliates. The Adfristmedia affiliate managers will guide you and give you invaluable advice no other networks will. Adfristmedia was founded by two super affiliates. Combined they have 15 years of experience in internet marketing. In the past, these two promoted a plethora of verticals for a variety of different networks The founders of Adfristmedia are making a statement! Not only are the Adfristmedia affiliate managers well-informed of all aspects of affiliate marketing, but that they have the knowledge and tools to make a winning campaign. Above all, they are available at all times – day or night. Become a member of Adfristmedia today! You will never have to look for another network.

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Financial Services

SigmaOption - the fastest growing binary options broker. We work in English, Germany, Swedish, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Flemish, French and Arabic languages.
In SigmaOption we know how to work with any kind of traffic and provide our partners with high conversions.

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Financial Services

XTrade is a recognized innovative international provider for Contracts for Difference (CFDs) offering trading facilities of the highest quality on Shares, Commodities, Forex, and Indices and equipped with one of the world's leading trading platform.

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Financial Services


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Financial Services


Fortrade is a fully-automated trade executions that was established in 2011, and has grown rapidly to become a leading provider of online trading solutions for individual and institutional clients. Based in the UK, we are innovators specializing in the development of trading platforms that are both technologically advanced and user-friendly.

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Financial Services

The partners at StoxMarkets.com have a specific vision of offering tailored 1-to-1 trading services for clients who wish to put their hard earned money to work. Instead of allowing the interest to slowly build in a bank or building society, we want you to give your cash a chance to create higher profits.

This concept in the past few generations has a stigma attached to it whereby only large amounts of cash and successful business people could invest in stocks or trade foreign currencies. And it is still wrongly assumed still today by too many people, that large investment sums are needed. With this in mind,StoxMarkets.com set out to allow ANY person sitting at home or in the office, to be able to invest modest sums of money and offer them the 100% support and guidance needed for beginners. Confusing terminology and complicated technologies, are not our thing.

In 2013 StoxMarket was launched and the trading platforms licensed. Liquidity was on standby and support managers at the ready. We are ever thankful and pleased that as our clientele grow rapidly, so did their profits. And in turn, so did ours.. To paraphrase, everyone is still winning.

Please note that trading the markets online with StoxMarkets.com is EASY given all the tools we offer, but it also need attention and smart trading to succeed. We are here to teach you the skills to do just that.

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Investix | Intelligent Trading NetworkInvestix | Intelligent Trading Network
Financial Services

Investix delivers daily market analysis with free real-time quotes, streaming charts, financial news & economic calendar. Investix offers real-time exchange rates, and every tool you need to trade in the foreign exchange market

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Financial Services

By creating, hosting and delivering the BEST offers, Click Media is able to pay you the highest payouts for your traffic. And ClickMedia uses Exclusive offers. No aggregators, no middlemen, no watering down. You win with the highest payouts. Period.

ClickMedia has a dedicated team of marketers that works around the clock to create new, high producing offers and keep them fresh. Our in-house design and development teams deliver top notch campaigns backed by customized email, banner graphics and co-branded landing pages. Clickmedia’s tech team makes sure our custom offers render seamlessly across all platforms from desktop, to tablet, to all mobile devices. You track your results with a stable and reliable publisher platform that is customizable to your needs so you know everything you need to know about your campaigns. Get paid on time, every time.

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