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Exponential Interactive is a global provider of advertising intelligence and digital media solutions to brand advertisers reaching over 700 million unique users per month worldwide.

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Aedgency is a leading digital network dedicated to targeted advertising since 2004.

Powered by big data analytics and a powerful Data Management Platform (DMP), our highly contextual ads are delivered to the right audience at the right time.

We provide varied demand –CPI, CPL, CPA, CPM campaigns- in 15+ countries. We segment our traffic in many verticals so advertisers reach their targeted audience while publishers monetize better their traffic.

We buy traffic in Real Time Bidding (RTB) and distribute JS, Tags, SDKs and XML feeds. Our innovative ad formats are available in all devices and reach high delivery rates.

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Disarming Ad-Blockers, keeping the internet free.

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Ginger MediaGinger Media

Ginger Media is an online media solution provider for both publishers and advertisers. our vast experience in online marketing allows us to produce the best results for our partners.

Our technology allows us to find the best traffic for our advertisers, while at the same time providing publishers with the best matched advertisers, targeting the traffic to insure the best results for both sides.

With our Partner oriented approach, we focus on reaching the set goals, by providing each partner with a specialist that will be with them for each step of the way.

Contact one of our Specialists to get started on finding the best solution for you!

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Upforit NetworksUpforit Networks

Upforit Networks is a leading company in casual dating. Our affiliate program includes:
Pay Per Lead, Pay Per Sale
Best converting web and mob offers
Weekly payments options
Reliable payments ON TIME via Wire/PayPal/Paxum/Payoneer
Referral program 5%
Quality promo tools ((banners, LPs, etc.)
Detailed stats
Interested? email me at or skype: julia.lawrence185

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Together NetworksTogether Networks

Here at Together Networks we’d be happy to welcome you to our affiliate network and run our casual dating offers with you. Our portfolio includes such well-known sites as,, and as well as newer brands like and

A few fast facts about our affiliate program:
1) Pay Per Lead, Pay Per Sale
2) Web and mobile high-EPC ROI-boosting dating offers with exclusive payouts for 10+ countries
3) Weekly payments option, reliable payments ON TIME via Wire/PayPal/Paxum/Payoneer
4) 5% referral program
5) Quality promo tools (banners, LPs, etc.) that are updated regularly
6) Detailed stats with all the data you need to analyze your ROI
7) Responsive, helpful and professional AMs
8) Over $36M paid out to affiliates last year

We've just rolled out three new websites that convert really well on PPL both on web and mobile:,, and (US, CAN, UK, AUS, FRA). Quick note: mobile QuickFlirt US offer is killing it right now! Since the offers are brand new our partners' EPC is going through the roof and we're confident that your ROI will make you happy Make sure you jump on board early by signing up here and milking those offers while the party is going!

Our public rates and offers can be found here But if you have high volume and converting traffic we can offer you exclusive higher payouts to meet your targets!
If you're interested, hit me up skype julia.lawrence185

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WIXITE.COM utilizes metasearch technology & BING SEARCH API to compile results from many of the Web's major search properties, delivering more relevant and comprehensive results every time you search. The search results you receive include the top commercial (sponsored advertising) and non-commercial (algorithmic) results from the most popular search engines on the Web. By accessing multiple search engines for each query, WIXITE.COM provides you with a richer and more relevant spectrum of results than you would from using any single search engine.
We have recently changed the way our search results are displayed on WIXITE.COM. Now sponsored results are displayed separately from organic web results so you can quickly review the ad results, and then explore organic search results on the same page. On the results page you will be able to tell which results are sponsored by noting the “Sponsored” label either above the ads, or before the URL in each result.

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Vodio Media

Programmatic Audio and Video company

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Next Generation Media

#1 LGBTQ blog on the Internet for Millennials

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Rafo TechnologyRafo Technology

Being years of publisher ourselves, Rafotech has deep understanding of what it means to monetize more. Started as a business unit of Rafo Technology Inc, one of the premium publisher powering over 6 billion monthly impressions, our solution to monetize both display and search traffic has been proved profitable and sustainable. It is a solution made by publisher and for publishers

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Organic Rockrt Organic Rockrt

Online marketing is all about innovation! Find the advantage that highlights your product, putting it in front of your competitors. Our marketing strategy is to renew the ordinary thinking regarding online Advertising, for it to be suited to your specific needs. Organic Rocket is all about perfect service. We live and breathe marketing, we understand your needs, and we know exactly what to do, in order to tune to your business strategy. We bring our enrich experience in online marketing to put you on the spot light.

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Real Tech RealityReal Tech Reality

Getting 1,000's calls in many different verticals weekly. ALL calls are from Adwords mobile, no affiliates, incentives, or etc. Super discounts on raw calls.

Filtered Internet leads available in these verticals.

1) Addiction/Mental Health
2) Home Warranty
3) Auto Warranty
4) Home Remodeling/Renovations
5) Medicare Supplement Insurance
6) Debt (Consumer, BK, Student, Tax)
7) Medical Braces
8) Realtor
9) Medical Alert Systems
10) Personal Injury (MVA, Workers Comp, General)
11) SSD
12) Other Legal (Divorce, Family Law, Criminal, DUI)

All leads generated via online marketing channels (Google, MSN, Native, Paid Social, Etc), and reviewed. There is not a "set" price for the leads as they are all setup in our ping/post system, so just name your price, and we'll get you in the system. Our buyers have reported a 73-82% contact rate, with the lowest being on the debt guys.

Custom branded campaigns are available case by case.

I have 17 years online advertising specializing in lead generation from the start. Feel free to shoot me any questions at

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edirect connect, Inc

Data Monetization

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Mobrand is a leading solution provider on the mobile ad:tech industry, helping the world’s top app developers, and mobile web publishers to achieve success on the growing mobile marketplace.
Our company's cutting edge big-data technology drives demand competition, improves fill rates and ensures the best possible advertising income for our partners.

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Advt Software Services

We're a network works on CPM, CPC, PPcalls, PPI

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Adopt is a leading ad-tech company, providing monetization services and cutting edge monetization technology to publishers world-wide.

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Quantcast is a digital advertising company specialized in audience measurement and real-time advertising. As the pioneer of direct audience measurement Quantcast has today the most in-depth understanding of digital audiences across the web, allowing marketers and publishers to make the smartest choices as they buy and sell the most effective targeted advertising on the market. Quantcast is dedicated to making display as relevant and effective as search, and currently delivers outstanding advertising campaigns for the world's leading's advertisers and publishers and brings accurate audience measurement to over 110 million unique web destinations.

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What is DQ&A Media Group . Our Services & Products

We are a leading independent digital marketing specialist founded in 2001. We believe in leveraging the unique opportunities that technology, digital media, data and creation offer in the rapidly evolving digital ecosystem. We help you to improve your digital marketing strategy & execution.

What Can We Do For You?
Our team of performance marketing experts is your access point into tapping into our own performance marketing network. With a true global footprint and with over a decade of experience, we set ourselves apart from the competition in a crowded, intransparent marketplace.
Are you looking for a partner that is able to generate leads at scale? Do you need to be able to rely on an agency that does as they say, and sticks to the plan? We are your partner.

Who is DQ&A Media Group. Our Company

We are based out of the Netherlands, and our digital marketing specialists work from 7 offices around the globe. We empower our partners with a truly global approach and a local touch. We understand the unique challenges that you face and are always ready to support you. We love digital marketing.

Why work with DQ&A Media Group. Our Solutions

We understand digital marketing as we combine in-depth digital marketing experience (DoubleClick reseller since 2001) with a strong performance marketing-based mindset. We wholly believe in the power of technology, the truth of data and the spark of creativity that the human touch can give to these processes to excel.

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Khing - a division of TimeOne GroupKhing - a division of TimeOne Group

Khing is a Mobile Performance Solution Platform founded in 2013. We help advertisers in their mobile user acquisition strategy, whether they need a boost in app store visibility or sustainable user acquisition (display, video, social media). Thanks to our in-house tracking technology we run and optimise campaigns based on a set of KPIs (CPI, CPL, CPA) to successfully meet our client’s goals.

With offices in London, Paris & Singapore, we deliver traffic worldwide on Mobile Web, Android and IOS applications. We are ready to help you with your mobile acquisition strategy from A to Z and boost your ROI.

Contact us today to boost your user acquisition with high quality users.

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Provider of high quality, adult-sourced traffic, on a CPM/CPC basis

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Inbound lead generation experts

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eClickZ is a leading advertising technology solutions provider built for Advertisers, Publishers, Networks and Agencies. We have a network of over 100+ trading desks and partner networks who we exchange traffic and campaigns with to further distribute and monetize inventory. We have capabilities to integrate into any OpenRTB Ad Exchange.

We offer a white-label private exchange enabling ad networks to maximize their revenue.
With this seamless, end-to-end platform, some of the world’s leading networks easily operate and manage their advertisers and publishers.

With eClickZ White-Label Platform, you can:

- Connect your advertisers and publishers in the most efficient way
- Match the most effective ad to the end-user with our unbeatable prediction engine
- Achieve the best results from Native, Display, Mobile and Video campaigns
- Full Native Ads support
- Full OpenRTB 2.3 support
- Manage the entire life-cycle of your business (leads & customer management, finance & billing)
- Get higher eCPM rates for your traffic!

eClickZ SaaS Platform Main Features:

- Unbeatable prediction engine
- Full branding for your network
- Various creative & pricing types support
- Easy configuration and workflow
- Customized financial management
- Best-of-breed analytics & reporting modules
- Value-added capabilities such as fraud prevention, full transparency, mobile and video advertising optimization

Learn more at or email

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iMonetizeIt by TrafficHunt is a system for automatic traffic distribution that MONETIZES 100% OF TRAFFIC at the best market price. Based on the REAL-TIME DATA ANALYSIS, iMonetizeIt further distributes traffic through preliminary TESTED FUNNELS. We send traffic only to the funnels that give the best results (in terms of EPV, EPC, eCPM). This way iMonetizeIt maximally approximates the actual profit to potential maximum.

Our SELF-LEARNING ALGORITHMS that perfectly adjust to the slightest changes in traffic behavior or offer performance. It acts similar to manual statistical analysis and quick re-adjustment of each campaign. However, iMonetizeIt does everything automatically, saving a lot of marketer's time and minimizing the chances for human mistakes.

iMonetizeIt brings STABLE REVENUE GROWTH on the same inventory. It's obviously interesting for traffic owners and providers.

Advantages for publishers:

  • Monetization of all available traffic

  • The highest possible revenue

  • Only high-quality, secure ads

Advantages for advertisers:

  • The highest-quality traffic resources

  • New verticals development

  • Maximum conversions

  • Flexible campaign optimization

Advantages for affiliates:

  • Easy tracking and optimization (through tokens)

  • Ready-made prelanders and marketing funnels

  • Fully secured advertising

  • Stable ROI boost

  • Dedicated support and maintenance team.

Performance speaks louder than words. Join iMonetizeIt to see its power in action. Feel free to message me here.

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Radifx Technologies Pvt LtdRadifx Technologies Pvt Ltd

For ADVERTISERS achieve your desired GOAL with the promising people at RADIFX. We help you to TARGET your audience with the latest technology and strategies. For PUBLISHERS experience a new way to earn more REVENUE. Realize a true value of your INVENTORY. Also need services like AD Operations, SEO/SEM, Email Marketing, Web Development, Creative Designing & Mobile Marketing, we are here for you.

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Online network of advertisers and affiliates We provide advertising solutions for advertisers of all sizes. Sign up for a free account to create ads for promoting your online business. Clickwinks allows you to advertise using text and banner advertisements. The ads submitted to our system are served worldwide through our large affiliate network.

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The Ad Krew, Inc.The Ad Krew, Inc.

At The Ad Krew, we strive on two things; Our Advertisers and Direct Publisher Partnerships. We make sure that your needs are met at any given time. We are here to help with whatever your needs may be. Better traffic, higher payouts, we do it all. Our advertisers know when they come to The Ad Krew they will only get the best! The best traffic, the best customer service and the most important, the best ROI! Our Direct Publishing partners know they have joined a great network of sites, mobile sites and mobile applications. We are an Invite ONLY network. We only accept the best! We are here to serve you, whenever you may need us!

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SnowyOwl Technologies, Inc.SnowyOwl Technologies, Inc.

With all the different platforms, networks and channels not to mention the aggressive salesmen selling you these services, online advertising can be tricky and even confusing. This is where we can help. Snowyowl will help you attract more clients, sales and eyeballs to your website while using cost effective advertising solutions and techniques that get the most out of your advertising dollars.

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Kalpavriksha GlobalKalpavriksha Global

ClickMonetizer is owned and operated by Kalpavriksha Global ®- a privately held India-based, start-up company founded in 2014 by a team of experienced tech professionals, management experts and successful online marketers.

ClickMonetizer can help you thrive at the intersection of advertising and publishing, providing value and unsurpassed optimization for our partners-Boosting ROI for Advertisers and increasing Traffic monetization opportunities for 'Publishers'.

Our seasoned team makes the data matter. We stand apart from others with commitment to traffic quality.The company is focused on ensuring topmost quality and most accurate targeting of its traffic sources.

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Founded in 2014, Mobisummer is a rapidly growing mobile performance marketing companies
Our team will always be here for you, providing hands-on consultation and service to achieve your goals.

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