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Online Media

ReklamStore is the leading digital advertising platform that offers data-centric performance solutions for advertisers and publishers.

We provide online advertising solutions for advertisers to target the right audience with the right ad model by analysing users’ demographics, interest and behaviour according to their web browsing behaviour.

By this way, advertisers can easily execute effective and efficient online marketing strategies to reach their targets.

ReklamStore’s expert team and technology help advertisers, agencies and publishers to reach their targets and increase their brand awareness with performance based digital advertising solutions.

ReklamStore started its journey as Turkey’s first display ad network in 2007. Since then we added affiliate, video, mobile and native advertising to our product & service offerings.

We specialised in audience targeting and programmatic advertising. And we also have our own Data Management Platform and Self-serve DSP.

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Media White FZ llcMedia White FZ llc
Online Media

We are a premium Ad network that's focussed on supply the demand and maximize profitability in the competitive Ad business.

We provide real time online channels for adverising web,mobile and social. We can offer several targeting options: By country,by format and sizes ,by device and much more.

Our main channels are:News, Newspaper and Magazine, Business and Finance, Entertainment, Sports and Fitness, Women, Fashion &Beauty, Travel& Education.

All our media partners are brand safe websites and applications.

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Adtycoons Media Pvt Ltd.Adtycoons Media Pvt Ltd.
Online Media

Adtycoons is a pioneer in the digital space that provides a wide range of advertising, publishing & revenue optimization. Our vision is creativity and innovation. We believe in doing things different, in standing out in a crowd.
Our goal is to provide an exceptional client experience for every business: big or small, young or established. Efficiency and transparency are the key elements to our marketing strategy, as we make sure every client’s marketing budget is wisely allocated using the latest technology and expert analysis.

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Mobeetech Mobile Media GroupMobeetech Mobile Media Group
Online Media

Mobeetech is focusing entirely on Mobile Content Billing (MCB) or Direct Operator Billing (DOB). We have mobile payment connections with Operators in +20 countries (2016) in and outside Europe. We have been granted the status “trusted partner” for many number 1 operators in the world (e.g. Vodafone, Movistar). Mobeetech Mobile Media Group develops and markets mobile content products for mass audience.

We are always looking for new partnerships with solid traffic sources. Our exclusive in house, and high converting products, will give your company the best revenue and ROI from your mobile traffic. Our dedicated partner affiliate team supports and works closely with our partners / networks and affiliates to boost conversions and revenues. Exclusivity deals can be made if partner can grant us the volumes and quality which is needed to improve ROI.

- exclusivity for offers in case of volume/quality traffic
- speed and flexibility
- creativity
- dedicated team
- substantial budget allocation for quality traffic
- rapid expansion to new interesting countries with MCB (DOB).

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us: rj@mobeetech.com. Mobeetech Mobile Media Group is one of the fastest growing advertisers through MCB/DOB in this digital world. Let’s do business !!

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Online Media

This new revolutionary service combines all the advantages of similar systems. Whether you are an advertiser or publisher, you no longer have to register with a large number of systems and monitor them.
With the myriads of offers and traffic sources available you will no longer need to adjust to audience, strategic planning will be as easy as 1-2-3 with our opportunities
You will not need to wait for a response to your inquiry from our support team. We work around the clock, seven days a week.
Moreover, you do not have to claim benefits and adjust to the schedule of payment that is not suitable for you.
The technical base of MobileTraffic and full-stack service will help you to avoid any obstacles in your mobile marketing related job. You will always feel secure about the service, it will be stable and transparent anytime
Why waste time and, consequently your time on unnecessary activities and unreliable partners? If you really want to avoid the above, choose MobileTraffic that will meet all your needs and ensures stable operation and income!

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Online Media

Woobi (formerly: TokenAds), founded in 2009, specializes in the development of custom, scalable, native advertising solutions for web, social and mobile games. Headquartered in Israel, with a subsidiary in London, UK.

Woobi provides a wide variety of game monetization products and services throughout 130 countries worldwide.

Woobi’s wide-ranging advertising solutions are based on its unique groundbreaking DMA (Dynamic Mindset Advertising) technology, which focuses primarily on identifying the exact right mindset within each user’s gameplay, to display the right ad content.

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Online Media

The LeadSense FZC based in the UAE, a fast growing online advertising company. As we have planned media selling for hundred's of our advertisers, we want to explore and see if there is an opportunity to test your traffic.

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Online Media

PPC.BUZZ is a Pay-Per-Click advertising platform. Many years of experience in this industry allowed us to build solid and robust system.

For the publishers we offer good World Wide coverage for any of verticals, competitive rates and quality support.

Advertisers would be provided with best quality traffic in any of verticals. There are a lot of advertising tools to optimize supply the best.

Our main mission is to help each of our partner to achieve the best result.

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Online Media

ClickPapa is an online advertising network (CPM/CPC) with lots of features to offer!
Established in 2013, Budapest, Hungary, EU

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Q InteractiveQ Interactive
Online Media

Direct Sweepstakes Advertiser in the US.

We also have a promotional product (ClickGen) and Freebies brand (CoolSavings.com) publishers can utilize to monetize their traffic.

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Online Media

We are a leading digital advertising technology agency that helps Advertisers and Publishers realize significant improvements in the efficiency of their budget, campaigns and inventory. Our deep experience managing demand-side and supply side platforms puts us in a unique position to maximize your return on investment. We Serve clients From Montreal, Quebec, Canada, United States and all over the globe.

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Inventory Media - CPM InventoryInventory Media - CPM Inventory
Online Media

Inventory Media www.cpminventory.com, is a fast Growing Adnetwork which expertise in Popunder, Banner, eMail marketing and Mobile ads.

We can offer you more targeted Website traffic with enhanced features like:-

• Day parting
• Freq. capping
• IP targeting (Geo and City)
• Re-targeting
• OS targeting
• Keyword / Channel Targeting
• Local ISP Targeting
• Device targeting
• Optimization via Source id’s

We have a self serve platform for clients and also have a dedicated account manager facility with daily email reporting system.
Worldwide traffic available and strongest with US, followed by UK, CA, DE, IT, FR, AU, ES, etc.

All types of Desktop and Mobile traffic available -

Expired domain
Casino Traffic
Email traffic
Adware Traffic
Toolbar traffic
Keyword Traffic
Contextual Traffic

Contact at info@cpminventory.com for more details.

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Online Media

Welcome to Info & Data Media, a leading agency in marketing and digital advertising as well as a specialist in generating qualified traffic for its customers continuously improving their ROI.

Infodata-media is an international digital agency that started in 2012 and currently manages around fifty campaigns for its customers in more than 20 countries.

Part of Info & Data Media's added value comes from its knowledge of lead generation, product reputation creation, e-commerce offers, etc. but it also comes from its ability to adapt to customer requirements as well as the target market.

Info & Data Media is committed to helping its customers increase their online sales/leads and maximize the profitability of their investments based on an analysis of the following elements:

- The competitive strategies
- The customer's performance history
- The specifics of the activity and the offer
- The resources: financial, human, technical, etc.
- The qualitative and quantitative objectives
- Info & Data Media and its various partners provide their customers with their best and most profitable services and acquisition tools.
- Email marketing, affiliation
- Display and re-targeting
- Natural referencing
- PPC campaigns
- Social ads (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and community management.

Info & Data Media's objective is to increase its customer's online acquisition without increasing their investments by optimizing the conversion funnel.

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Uber AdNetworkUber AdNetwork
Online Media

Uber Admedia is a global online advertising network that connects advertisers and publishers in the digital space through innovative means. We serve millions of ads worldwide monthly. We use contextual and behavioral advertising to reach the desired target audience through our publishers. Our mission is to maximize the revenues of both advertisers and publishers by giving top-notch expertise, creativity, and technology.

At Uber Admedia, we provide display ads with a focus to achieve global reach and coverage in all major verticals. We offer our advertisers and publishers the uttermost control over the type of inventory and advertising that they are exposed to respectively. Our company’s best traits include premium traffic quality, precise targeting, real time tracking and reporting of all campaigns and earnings, timely payouts and dedicated account management.

Uber AdMedia will be actively involved in planning and implementing the optimal online marketing strategy for your business. Our Team will use all our expertise and knowledge to help you achieve your advertising goals. With an in-depth understanding of both the media and the technology we will help you in your online advertising setup and day-to-day running and optimization of your campaigns.

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Online Media

Advertise.com is a premier online advertising network for Contextual PPC, Display, Mobile, Video, and Remarketing traffic, enabling advertisers to reach a wider audience through its exclusive network of publisher properties. Founded in 2001, Advertise.com connects thousands of advertisers with millions of consumers every day. The company’s mission is to provide advertisers with quality traffic that meets their KPI goals, and publishers with competitive listings that yields high revenue. Using its patented ClickShield® fraud protection software, Advertise.com guarantees high-quality traffic for both advertisers and publishers.

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Nologo3point14 digital
Online Media

Affiliate network

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Online Media

AppAve is a leading innovative global mobile apps advertising platform based in Las Vegas, Nevada USA. Initially established in 2014, AppAve offers a wide coverage of direct campaigns as well as real weekly payments every Monday. We have partnered with trustworthy and established traffic providers, allowing our advertisers to feel a truly worldwide reach and help them recruit only the very best users.

AppAve supports traffic from iOS, Android and Mobile WEB, and its CPA based campaigns can extend to large budgets targeting all types of mobile devices. Payouts are sent on a weekly basis and top earning affiliates can also request specific payout days. AppAve provides a Publisher Platform to all registered affiliates, offering real-time statistics and simple reports.

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Online Media

JungleTap is comprised of dedicated online ad technologists with a singular dedication to unlocking the full commercial value of all traffic. We have partnered with many trusted and proven top global traffic sources to provide our advertisers with a truly worldwide reach and helping them to recruit the very best users.

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Online Media

TrafficHaus is an elevated ad serving and purchasing platform. We offer wide array of targeting features like carrier, OS, browser, GEO, keyword and language and add that to a daily volume of over 1 Billion Global Adult Impressions and a rapidly growing mainstream presence. Simply stated, we have traffic for everyone, period! If you’re a publisher working with a system as robust as TrafficHaus means the highest industry rates and the least amount of work for you. If you're an advertiser, that means real time access to some of the most valuable traffic around.

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Online Media

Iwoza.com is a super network providing global media solutions in over 100 countries worldwide specializing in the Forex and Binary Options industries. What makes iWoza unique is our innovative technology and our ability to deliver premium leads. We are able to target users specifically interested in a managed account services.

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Nitro AdsNitro Ads
Online Media

Ad Network

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Online Media

Adotize is one place for multiple advertising technologies of Video, Display and Mobile. We offer quality publishers the facility to earn more profits from each and every impression your site supplies! We are using smart advertising platform to help our advertisers to reach their targets most exactly. By joining in our system, great profits for quality publishers will be guaranteed.

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Century Digitech Pvt LtdCentury Digitech Pvt Ltd
Online Media

Century Digitech is an online marketing service provider which works with brands to streamline their business processes in the online ecosystem. Century Digitech understands the business models of different brands, analyzes the marketing challenges faced by them and proposes an online strategy to overcome those challenges. At Century Digitech, we have a team of online marketing strategists who understand psychology as well as technology. We keep ourselves up to date with the latest methodologies and best practices in the online marketing industry, so we can help brands in the optimum way possible.

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Yesup Media Inc.Yesup Media Inc.
Online Media

Advertising Network - popunder, banner, text, mobile (web, app), CPC, CPM

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AdRefresh Media SolutionsAdRefresh Media Solutions
Online Media

Ad Operations, Ad Trafficking and Reporting Services

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Nologo NanChang Zhangzhi Network Technology Co.,ltd.
Online Media

Linemobi is a platform focused on the main mobile advertising on current flow. There are many exclusive android APP on this platform, at the same time, we also have nearly thousands of display advertising everyday. We are very willing to achieve more cooperation with the vast majority of advertisers and channels . We have always adhered to the integrity, open attitude to carry out the work.We are a media buyers, are looking for partners who can help us to provide high quality traffic in the world.

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Online Media

Leading Affiliate Network in South Africa

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Online Media

Leadnomics is a digital marketing company headquartered in Philadelphia, with our partner network in New York City. Through our proprietary technology platform and focus on excellent user experience, we have developed an industry-leading solution and partner network that create more valuable relationships between consumers and service providers.

Leadnomics’ business is about building quality customer pipelines, but our heart is our people: some of the brightest minds in technology, marketing, sales, analytics, operations, and more. Leadnomics’ employees are leaders, each with the power and talent to influence company—and industry—direction and success. We’re proud to support them in their creativity, innovation, and individuality.

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Online Media

Mobsta offer Premium Mobile ad space with a strong UK, U.S. AU focus.

Mobile Video and Interstitial at scale to Demographic Audience + Std IAB Mobile Ad sizes

8 Million UU's

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Online Media

Best payer in the market with minimum $20 payour to publishers

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