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ECOMMERCE sales Partners needed

Company Overview:
XZFINANCING has been in the business of helping save lives since 2019. As the #1 Ecommerce Arbitrage company in the U.S and now in Australia, uk and Canada., we help Outsource ecommerce products from all over the world with cheaper prices to countries who are in high demand of these products for higher Prices. Our continuous innovation, great workforce and strategic partnerships deliver cheaper products to our partners who will sale and make a profit, And as times change, so do we. Above all, our mission is clear: we help outsource products at cheaper prices to our partners(Ecommerce self employed entrepreneurs)who intern sell these products for cheaper prices thereby reducing the cost of products globally Looking for a part time job where you can make a real impact and get paid good commissions? Join our team today and put purpose behind your paycheck. #WeAreXzfinancing
XZFINANCING Is Continuing To Grow! Hiring Ecommerce Sales Persons Today. $3,500 Sign-On Bonus!
Do you want to do a job that could potentially reduce the cost of living in your life and that of your loved ones amidst the rise in inflation? Do you want to be on the forefront of an innovative partnership that will help create the future where your money has more value to buy more instead of buying less?
Then today is a good day to become an Xz FINANCING Ecommerce sales partner. Our Custom business model has created a both win win situation for both you and us and You’ll be able to take advantage of our ever-expanding increasing commission percentage,easy to get started earning commissions and instead of having a boss you will be our partner in helping us combat inflation every day. This is your chance to join the leading Eccomerce Arbitrage outsourcing company in the world and grow with us.
Interested in being a part of the growth? Keep reading.
What is your job description all about?
Your job description is very simple, since we cant know all the essential products sold in your country or city, you will be in charge of researching the products cost I your country and looking for an alternative cheaper but same quality products in another country especially in China and east Asia( don’t worry we will teach you how to go about that) once you see a cheaper product or the same product with a cheaper price abroad we will tell our partners and they will buy and you will earn a commission( 5%-7%) in each transaction our partners buy of that product.
So, who’s right for the job?
Someone who is tired of the rise in inflation worldwide and thinks he/she can put up a fight against rising costs of products.
Someone who thinks money is losing its value because of inflation and who knows that the only remedy to inflation is to actively seek a way to reduce cost of products which are cheaper in other countries like in China,Mexico and south Korea than in your home country.
A self-motivated, sales savvy individual driven to succeed. Someone who connects with people and enjoys meaningful interactions while expanding their network. Plus, strives to deliver great a customer experience by building relationships and exhibiting empathy – no matter what the situation. Ultimately turning curious consumers into loyal customers.
Do you…
• Get satisfaction from helping people?
• Have a knack for problem solving?
• Enjoy finding solutions to make people’s lives easier?
• Want to help protect what they value most, their loved ones, pets and prized possessions?
• Enjoy closing sales and helping customers find the best solutions that fit their needs?
• Have a curiosity for the cost effective solutions and methods?
• Adapt quickly to competitive and customer needs?
• Prioritize your time well?
Like what you are reading above but still not sure?
Don’t worry. As the industry leader, Xz FINANCING equips you with specialized training and the support you need to meet your financial goals.
What’s in it for you:
• Unlimited earning potential with uncapped commissions (our top performers earn $300K+!)
• $3,500 Sign-On Bonus after 30 days
• Part Time job which means you will have more than enough time to enjoy other activities you love doing while making good money.
• Comprehensive benefits package (ability to learn the skills to become a Ecommerce entrepreneur and become your own boss and make more money while being 100% independent.
• Remote work(work anywhere in the world)
• Career growth opportunities
• Increase in potential commissions earnings after a year spent w with us.
In Conclusion,
Xz FINANCING is an Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Employer. We celebrate diversity and are committed to building an inclusive team that represents a variety of backgrounds, perspectives, and skills. Xz FINANCING strives to ensure every employee and applicant feels valued.
No qualifications required!!! We will educate you on all you need to know about earning commissions with us. It doesn’t matter if you black or white,rich or poor, an immigrant or not, this Part time job is for everyone who has the described qualities above. Send me a massage for more details.

Profile Picture
Company Name: Xz FINANCING
Type: Job Offer
Verticals: E-commerce, Education, Investing, Other
Position: E-commerce Manager
Countries: United Kingdom, Canada, Australia
Languages: English
Job Type: Partial job
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