Global Research, Analysis, and Transformation company

Neti-Neti Research is a global research, analysis, and transformation company. It aims to transform lives through evidence-based research and insights. We do rigorous data-driven research and provide valuable insights in the education, business, and rural sector.

Our solutions for Education Sector: we provide actionable insights supported by strong evidence, research and analysis. Our aim is to assist the education community and facilitate them with effective decision making and bring transformation.
Our specific services for Education sector are general research services for example measurement and evaluation and Capacity building programs.

Impacts we create

General Research services
We analyze the well being, engagement, and satisfaction of internal and external stakeholders.
Measurement and Evaluation
We develop customized research backed survey instruments to analyze all aspects of a K-12 school such as performance assessment of underperforming and performing schools including school culture and climate.
Capacity building program
Our training programs are research driven which are given in almost all areas.
Our solutions for Business sector: We provide customized solutions to the businesses in their early stages. Our work specifically encompasses measurement and evaluation solutions on different aspects of businesses supported by strong research. We provide tools for strategic decision making for their success.

Impacts we create

Overall organizational effectiveness and assessments
It includes analysis of employee engagement and their satisfaction, analysis of the whole work culture. We examine customer satisfaction also.
Social impact evaluation
We verify and validate social impact assessments of the companies and small scale enterprises.
Capacity building programs
We run capacity building programs based upon the analysis conducted on engagement, satisfaction, or work culture aspects.
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Type: sell
Verticals: education, fashion, e-commerce, software, surveys, tech, beauty
Traffic: email marketing, database, lead generation, search engine, pre-call, display, affiliation, blogs/forums, social media
Basis: flat fee
Countries: morocco, india, south sudan, nepal, saudi arabia, south africa, suriname, united states, united kingdom, zimbabwe, bangladesh, canada
Integration type: other
Languages: english
Platform: desktop
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