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Are you looking to get the best value on your LiveGood products?
Our membership plans offer you wholesale pricing on all our items, so you can save more while enjoying the highest-quality supplements!
At LiveGood, we have two simple membership options designed to suit your needs:
1. Monthly Membership: For just $9.95 per month, you can access unbeatable wholesale prices on our entire range of products.
2. Yearly Membership: Save even more with our annual plan, priced at $99.95, which gives you a 20% discount on your membership. That’s a whole year of incredible savings on your favorite LiveGood supplements!
The best part? Even buying just one product per month can cover the cost of your membership! And with no limit on the number of products you can purchase or the savings you can enjoy, becoming a member is a smart choice for anyone looking to invest in their health.
Sign up today and start enjoying exclusive discounts on LiveGood products.
Remember, you can cancel your membership anytime, so trying is not risky.
Join Now and Unlock a World of Savings with LiveGood Membership Plans!
Join the LiveGood membership for just $9.00 monthly and unlock wholesale pricing on all our unique products. Invest in your health and wellness while saving on daily essentials.
That’s why we offer our members wholesale pricing on all our products for just $9.00 monthly. Like Costco and Amazon, our membership program is designed to save our loyal customers significantly.
However, unlike those companies, we always strive for quality. We’re committed to using only the highest quality ingredients to ensure our customers get the best possible results. So if you want to save even more while enjoying the benefits of premium health and wellness products, become a LiveGood member today.
Your Top Questions About LiveGood Membership Answered!
How Do I Become a Livegood Affiliate
Excited to join the LiveGood family?
Click here: and it’ll lead you to the LiveGood website. Here, you can set up your membership in no time!
Are you curious about the cost of becoming a LiveGood affiliate member? Here’s the deal!
Starting with LiveGood is easier on the pocket than you think! For just $40 upfront, plus a small $9.95 monthly fee, you’ll be part of the LiveGood community! That’s $49.95 for the first month, and from the second month forward, you’re only looking at $9.95 per month.
Are you interested in purchasing LiveGood products without affiliate responsibilities?
We’ve got you covered!
You heard it right! You can become a LiveGood member and enjoy access to the most competitive product prices on the market for just $9.95 per month or a discounted $99.95 per year. No strings attached, no affiliate duties—just a simple way to get your hands on our amazing products at unbeatable prices! Now, that’s what we call a win-win situation!
What are the perks of being a LiveGood member? Brace yourself!
You’re locked into our thriving matrix once you’re a LiveGood member + affiliate. This means newcomers who sign up after you become part of your network potentially bring in commission earnings for you, even if you don’t directly refer anyone. What’s more, you get exclusive access to our Virtual Store with rock-bottom prices! You could save more than your subscription cost with up to 80% off on selected items!
Can you make earnings without referrals? You bet!
Absolutely! With LiveGood, you can earn up to $2,047 monthly without making a referral (it can take a few months to receive something). But if you decide to refer people and speed up the growth of your matrix, your earnings could skyrocket!
Want to know when your matrix will be complete? Here’s the scoop!
Completion of your matrix depends on the activity of the whole LiveGood community. The faster we grow, the quicker your matrix fills.
But don’t worry!
We’re adding new members from around the globe daily, who all join under our existing team members. So, by being part of a globally recognized team, you’re setting yourself up for quicker completion of your matrix!
How to Cancel LiveGood Membership?
To cancel your monthly or yearly LiveGood membership, you need to follow the next steps:
Step 1: Sign in to your account.
Step 2: Go to the My Membership option from the left side.
Step 3: Please press Cancel My Membership and follow the instructions.
Step 4: See the photo below for reference:
Unlock Your Earning Potential with LiveGood Affiliate Program: A Guide to Success
Discover the exciting opportunity to partner with LiveGood and promote a healthier lifestyle while earning passive income. The LiveGood Affiliate Program allows you to share our range of high-quality, natural products with your audience and receive a commission for each sale you generate. This comprehensive guide will help you understand the program and maximize this lucrative partnership.
Are you ready to unlock financial possibilities while promoting better health and wellness? LiveGood’s dynamic compensation plan has been designed to empower affiliates like you to earn an income in six ways while sharing the brand’s top-quality health products with others. This guide will explore each aspect of the LiveGood Compensation Plan so you can make the most of this incredible opportunity.
For every new member you enroll in LiveGood’s affiliate program with a $49.95 membership fee, you can earn a $25 commission, paid weekly. You can also receive bonus commissions up to 10 levels deep as your referrals bring in new members.
The LiveGood compensation plan features a fast-filling 2×15 matrix that assigns you a business center. As new members join LiveGood, they are positioned in the matrix beneath existing members based on their enroller. The earlier you join, the higher your position in the matrix.
In addition to your personal matrix earnings, LiveGood allows you to earn matching bonuses. You can match 50% of the matrix commissions earned by your personally enrolled members and a percentage of those enrolled by your referrals up to five generations deep.
Earn a retail commission of 50% on the difference between member and retail prices for every referral who purchases at retail prices. These commissions are paid like Fast Start Commissions and can be earned with every order your retail customers place.
LiveGood affiliates who market products to a larger retail customer base can enjoy additional Influencer Bonuses. You can earn up to 100% of the difference between member and retail prices for orders your referred retail customers placed based on your personally enrolled retail volume each month, regardless of rank.
Achieve Diamond rank to become eligible for a share in 2% of the total company sales each month through the Diamond Bonus Pool. This exciting bonus rewards affiliates for their dedication and hard work in promoting LiveGood’s products and vision.
In addition to earning a Fast Start Commission when you enroll a new member, when any of your personally enrolled members place their first product order, 10% of that order is paid out as a Customer Acquisition Bonus following the same structure as our Fast Start Commissions and Retail Commission
LiveGood’s dynamic Compensation Plan provides you with the tools to achieve financial success while promoting a healthier, happier lifestyle. With six unique ways to earn income, you can create a thriving business while making a lasting impact on the lives of others. Become a LiveGood affiliate today and start maximizing your earnings!
Partner with a company or people who share your passion for health and well-being while providing premium products to enhance people’s lives.
Unlock the potential to generate consistent, passive income through commissions on every sale made through your unique referral link.
Benefit from marketing materials, resources, and support to help you succeed as an affiliate partner. Become a member of our team.
You will get landing pages, 1500 Canva editable wellness infographics for social media (nutrition, fitness, calories), email templates, and a free platform to build your own email list and landing pages. Plus, a group to ask questions and be part of our community.
Complete the simple registration process and secure your free position. After you become an affiliate, there is a one-time fee of $50 plus $9.95 monthly or $99.95 yearly. Then gain access to your unique referral link and affiliate dashboard once approved.
Leverage your unique referral link to promote LiveGood’s range of products or the affiliate program through friends, neighbors, work colleagues, your blog, social media, or email list.
For every person with a health problem, LiveGood offers organic and plant products. If you read this, then you understand how massive this is. We are 820.000 active members in 10 months (Nov/2023) and have been building the biggest wellness network on the planet. Imagine how it is going to be in one year.
Receive a commission for each sale generated through your referral link, and track your earnings on the affiliate dashboard. Inviting people to a free tour on LiveGood is the best tactic, as the follow-ups are converting on a big scale. See the photo below, where people register for a free tour and a LiveGood payout.
How Do I Become a Livegood Affiliate
Step 1: Explore the Free Tour
Livegood offers a free tour for interested individuals to gain insights into the team’s operations and resources. This tour allows you to explore the training and resources the fast-growing team offers.
Step 2: Create an Account
Visit the Livegood website and create an account here. This will provide you with access to essential features and updates. Could you make sure you provide accurate and up-to-date information during this process?
Remember, becoming an affiliate with Livegood provides an opportunity for financial growth and a chance to be part of a community focused on personal development and a job-free lifestyle. So, if you’re ready to change your life for the better, embark on the journey of becoming a Livegood affiliate.
Let’s see what’s included:
Launch Module
Here you learn how to set up your account, tips on how to recruit people on your team, and also on how to get healthy.
Build Your Team Module
In this module, you will learn how to find and recruit people interested in LiveGood and becoming members of your Team.
Scale Module & Links & Swipe
You can learn how to scale your business with the top marketers in the MLM niche. On the Links option, you get access to 13 pages (funnels) automatically coded with your LiveGood user name to promote LiveGood on your name.
On the Email Swipes, you will get access to a few emails with links to your 13 pages coded with your affiliate link. Pre-enrollee follow-up, pre-enrollee Thursday deadline sequence, and swipe for members on your team.
Training and Your Profile Set Up on the Team Website
You get the updated links of any LiveGood training or webinar to stay updated with everything happening on LiveGood.
Profile Setup: This is a very important step to take and set up your profile on the Team website, as you will give the same access to your paid members and many more updates soon.
Telegram Chat: You will get access to our Telegram chat, where you can ask for help or more info any day or night.
Tailor your promotional efforts to your target audience, showcasing products that resonate with their interests and needs.
Maximize your reach by sharing your referral link across various platforms, such as blogs, social media, and email newsletters.
I’d like you to please publish informative, engaging content highlighting the benefits of LiveGood products and enticing your audience to learn more and purchase.
You can track your campaign performance, identify areas for improvement, and refine your strategies to boost your affiliate success.
Embark on a rewarding journey with the LiveGood Affiliate Program and unlock your earning potential while promoting health and wellness. By following the tips and strategies shared in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to succeed as an affiliate partner and positively impact the lives of many.
Discover the World of LiveGood:
A Spectrum of Health and Wellness Products
LiveGood, renowned for its commitment to quality and affordability, offers various products catering to various health and wellness aspects.
From nutritional supplements to skincare and essential oils, each product is designed to enhance your well-being naturally and effectively.
1. Nutritional Supplements
Multivitamins: Comprehensive daily vitamins to fill nutritional gaps and support overall health.
Protein Powders: High-quality protein for muscle building, recovery, and meal replacement.
Omega-3 Supplements: Essential for heart health, cognitive function, and joint mobility.
Super Reds and Greens
Benefits: These supplements ensure your body receives nutrients, supports physical health, and maintains energy levels.
2. Weight Management Products
Benefits: These products help achieve and maintain a healthy weight, promoting overall wellness.
3. Skincare Products
Anti-aging Creams: Help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.
Moisturizers: Provide hydration, keeping the skin soft and supple.
Cleansers: Remove impurities while maintaining the skin’s natural balance.
Benefits: LiveGood’s skincare range ensures a healthy, glowing complexion, addressing various skin concerns.
4. Essential Oils
Variety of Scents: Lavender for relaxation, peppermint for energy, and tea tree for antibacterial properties.
Blends for Specific Needs: Sleep aids, mood enhancers, and immune boosters.
Benefits: Essential oils offer natural solutions for mental, emotional, and physical well-being.
5. Fitness Supplements
Pre-Workout Formulas: Boost energy and focus for workouts.
Post-Workout Recovery: Aid in muscle recovery and reduce soreness.
Benefits: These supplements enhance workout performance and aid in recovery, supporting fitness goals.
Affordable and Accessible
What sets LiveGood apart is its affordability without compromising on quality. LiveGood’s products are priced competitively, making health and wellness accessible to a broader audience.
By offering a comprehensive range of products, LiveGood caters to many health and wellness needs, ensuring access to everything you need for a healthier, happier life. Whether you want to improve your nutrition, skin health, fitness routine, or overall well-being, LiveGood has a solution.

*****This article was initially published on LiveGoodForLife and has been republished here with permission. For more articles like this, please visit our website.

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